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  1. Customer has sent us the photo, wondering if we can cut from code our source.
  2. Many thanks Nathan that would be great.
  3. Thank you so much, customer will be over the moon. I did say a would not recommend changing the lock as its very unique and rare.
  4. Thanks the customer has been told by the French that they would easily get it cut here in Scotland. i Have seen plenty old locks but this is a first and it does actually look pretty cool.
  5. Hi Is anyone able to identify or source one of these keys . Customer says make is french Vintage Door key Descours D Cabaud. Many Thanks Steven OS Keys
  6. If you get the G5366 would be appreciated to pass on, as not bought that code yet.
  7. hey Rick MLM 18166 - 31342 Steven OS Keys
  8. Thanks had a couple blanks in stock, not the best a bit clicky but customer seems happy.
  9. We have been inundated recently with customers bringing in this lock for spare keys. Anyone know a better blank other than LS14. Told Customer it's cheaper to buy a new lock of saldy Amazon than to get new keys cut .
  10. All Customer has said its from a 1980s Classic Ford Car, a think it maybe aftermarket locks someone has put in. Many thanks for your help.
  11. Does anyone know the blank for this key. Customer has told us its from a classic Ford Car
  12. We have someone that pops their head in every 2 years down in the borders but trying to reach them for anything is a nightmare.
  13. We have had to resort to phoning them up recently, apparently they have also changed the coding names of most of their keys. if you do a google search on the blank or item and put at end you can find it that way and add to your basket. that becomes a pain in the arse when you have lots to order though.
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