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  1. If your stuck you can always use Silca HF75R
  2. Can also be Cityspace (Wesko and Esp) keys with a W and 3 digits series is W001 - W800.
  3. Office Specialties , however we have set up a website recently for keys and soon to be locks and blanks www.oskeys.co.uk
  4. We stock this series, if you would like a key PM direct an i can will set you up with an account.
  5. OS Keys

    key id please

  6. Looking for the key blank if anyone knows. It is an Aeroklas Truck Canopy Key for a Toyota
  7. OS Keys

    Hafele drawer key

    This is from Hafele Econo Range- i am sure you can still get originals from themselves.
  8. We currently sell these window keys on our website. - Trade avalible Edited by Rick because of prices being shown in the open forum. For enquiries about OS Keys' products, please contact them through PM.
  9. These are currently in stock in a Aldridge
  10. OS Keys

    Furniture Lock

    Is the CC and code nicely stamped on it, if so its Triumph CL lock.
  11. OS Keys

    Yale window key

    Yes this does look like the securistyle window key, we stock the Asec equivalent https://www.oskeys.co.uk/asec-ts7249-window-key-ascts7249
  12. Looking for a key or depths for Giussani lock, code is 6809 on lock but am sure it goes under the E series E6809 blank GS4
  13. OS Keys

    Pool table key I.D.

    Sorry didn't see the top photo on the phone
  14. OS Keys

    Pool table key I.D.

    It is a SILCA
  15. OS Keys

    Pool table key I.D.

    This is a LF4R