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  1. Hope you and your wife are feeling better soon.
  2. That our company closing down even the business supplies side, going to pop into collect stuff. All the best to everyone out their stay strong. stay safe and stay healthy. I look forward to hearing from you all once this all blows over. OS Keys Steven
  3. Don't see scotland getting shut down anytime soon, even the area i live in has only had 7 and its a pretty large area. It's a good time to do stock take and get things done we have been putting aside for the last couple of years. Steven OS keys
  4. Our other side of the business is business supplies, absolutely mayhem the now trying to keep up with demand for Janitorial products. yeah will not be surprised probably best take a month worth of stock just in case. Hopefully be past soon anyway.
  5. I spoke to someone at aldridge as wondering when blanks would be coming back into stock, they could not give us a definite answer. I think someone has been buying a lot of stock just in case especially office furniture blanks. That's good to know about Silca as a knew the factory was in one of the infected main areas.
  6. Hey folks Just a wee heads up, as italy is in lock down. I have noticed aldridge has run out already on some blanks and running low on common blanks if you do a lot of office furniture. Steven OS Keys
  7. Anyone know the Blank for this key 

    IMG_20200307_135837 (1).jpg

    1. grahamparker


      Looks like an LF19 copy.

    2. OS Keys

      OS Keys

      I think i will have to give the lf19 a shot or the LF56 as it does not follow the codes for the Euro Locks 54001 -64000 codes which i hoped for.

  8. Just Donated £20 plus Gift Aid for sale of Machine. Steven OS Keys
  9. Rekord plus is now sold and a donation has been made to the Jimmy Mizen Fund Rekord 2000 is still for sale.
  10. Yes, how many you looking for? Steven
  11. if the depths at the start was 3,1,4 it would've followed the ODG codes but interesting to know. Steven OS Keys
  12. Thanks for the advice, we already went out and got a new Bravo to replace them.
  13. Hi We are making room for new machines so we have 1 machines for sale and 1 for spare parts. 1st Machine - Rekord plus for sale, it works perfect and comes with new wire brush not installed , 2 switches ( Part Number - DR00147ZR), 2 blades. Only downside it could do with a new tracer as you can see from photo. It has done us well and not had any problems. 2nd Machine - Rekord 2000 - this if could be used for parts. I think the spindle has gone on it, the blade sometimes stops when cutting. Donation will be made to forum from the sales of 2 machines. Offers are welcome Steven Office Specialties sales@oskeys.co.uk
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