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  1. Thanks very much, all get some ordered of aldridge this week.
  2. Hi Does anyone know if you can still get Ronis Blanks for the CA series still. Not KI10R Tried Ronis but the series is obsolete. Thanks Steven
  3. Hey Rick i dont have the bitting, but i have a picture of the key for you. Steven OS Keys
  4. Thanks, the only issue is our customer suitcase is abroad. We have some original delsey keys here but all are under 345.
  5. Hi i am wondering if anyone knows the correct blank for Delsey suitcase 606 key, we have cut on LS13 but customer has come back and said it to fat for the lock. Many Thanks Steven
  6. Hi Can anyone assist me in the key for this window handle. Many thanks Steven
  7. HI JMA - UN-FP or silca uni10, we stock them as well on our page if your needing some. Steven OS Keys
  8. That is very strange as we have been cutting all ours for years on Silca ED4 , am pretty sure JMA- HEL-1 is the cross reference to Silca ED4. Steven
  9. Hi, this is hafele MK3 master key, we stock them on our website. steven OSKEYS
  10. Silca ED4 - However you have to cut into the shoulder Steven OS Keys
  11. HI Does anyone know the blank for this TOK key and if ifs on the silca machines Thanks Steven
  12. Thanks Graham, so just as same as the N series. Thought the may have changed the codes.
  13. Has anyone got the depths for Exodus Bike Rack Key, lock marked 25. Many Thanks Steven OS Keys
  14. sks have them in stock FLT-1 https://www.sks.co.uk/jma-fulton-cylinder-key-blank Steven OS Keys
  15. Armstrong try an JMA ARN-1 or ARN-2 the other one i would try one of the ULO key blanks. Steven OS Keys
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