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  1. You have cut it without a stop 2
  2. OS Keys

    LF Sub master key

    This is Lowe and Fletcher Pod series Master key, we generally cut these type master keys for hospitals, you can get key blanks from Lowe and Fletcher themselves.
  3. OS Keys

    Stuck on a key

    HI IF your still looking for a key blanks For triumph Smart Y locks and Chinese lock codes , we use JMA EUB-2 https://www.oskeys.co.uk/catalogsearch/result/?q=SMART
  4. goes in the locks just one of each please If anyone can help please pm and ill send funds through paypal and give my delivery address cheers Carl Hi I think it these keys you are after https://www.oskeys.co.uk/lowe-fletcher-64001-65000 Keys for the trade are £1.95 and postage up to 4 keys is £0.74 both are ex Vat. If you would like a trade account set up just email your details to sales@oskeys.co.uk
  5. The Key Blank for the Eurofit E, N and R Series is JMA EUB-2 that all i can disclose
  6. This Blank is a JMA EUB2 Key blank. Silca machines do not have a specific card to use for this series. However i have found a suitable one and have been cutting keys for the last 4 years. We do have a list of the correct depth ad which card to use. https://www.oskeys.co.uk/eurofit-e001-e300