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  1. Jemma. Cheers for this, and sorry it took a while to notice your response. Glad it wasn't just me being an idiot. Andy
  2. Hello all Had a little search around for an answer to my quandary, but to no avail. I seem unable to search for three letter words. I always get zero results for things like 'fob' or 'ava'. Is there a technical reason for this? Andy
  3. Further to what Growster said, I think H1 is the most common but there are other numbered keys. I've seen an H3 and been asked about an H4. They are used in service cupboards in flats like FB keys and some car park barriers. They are bleedin' expensive and so very few folk have them. So much for smart meter fitting... I think I'd ask Delta Security in Hackney. I've talked to them about Gerda stuff before but only the regular door locks. I think these sorts of series keys are restricted but I'm not sure how. Andy
  4. Hi All. New on here. I mostly do domestic fitting, fettling and access. Happy to help if I can but I was drawn to the fob info. RFID is a bit of a blind spot for me, though I do have an oscilloscope so I have 'seen' it work. Andy
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