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  1. Updated after paying for subscription. Lonsdor engineer advise not possible to change registered email address but should not need it again unless you change logon password on device.
  2. I’m just about to pay for yearly subscription on mine. It is registered in the original buyers email address. I’ve been told by a lonsdor agent that it the registered email address can’t be changed but I can pay for subscription. software can still be updated with one click update no problem. I don’t know what happens going forward if you ever have a major failure with the software and need to reset. Has anyone managed to change their registered email address on thier lonsdor?
  3. Looking for key programming and eeprom kit. What do you have to move on? Thanks.
  4. Does anyone have genuine Vag Tacho that they want to sell? I need to pull a pin from a 2001 Beetle.
  5. I have truecode full now thanks. I am still looking for other kit. Feel free to pm
  6. Hi, I'm new here and looking for advice on the best current kit to buy and where I should buy it for the best price. With Black friday fast approaching I'm looking for the best deals I can find. I'm also interested in 2nd hand kit if you are looking to sell at a good price. I have been getting some great private advice away from this site and am currently looking for the most reliable kit I can find for someone starting out in the business. I have experience as a traditional locksmith, also in IT, Sales and basic electronics soldering etc. I am looking to start with cloning and build my experience on the more straight forward keys before later launching into the more technical/risky jobs...! I currently have the following kit. Condor XC-007 (Lishi) key cutting machine. KD-X2 Various keydiy remotes B series and NB series. Keyline 884 with TKM starter pack (not TKM extreme) some outdated cloning kit (Lishi GL Cloner) I am considering buying: Truecode (full) MVP Pro (2nd hand) Supervag Possibly Gscan tab Possibly Lonsdor K518SE another newer key cutting machine Handy Baby and/or RW4 plus or something similar All advice greatly received on any kit you would recommend, and please feel free to message me privately if you have 2nd hand kit to sell. Thanks, Luke
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