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  1. I use these locks quite often. Silca ya91 works every time for me.
  2. Tom locks

    Laser machine

    Sounds ok.. you got a number/email address I can contact u on please.. thank you.
  3. Anyone know of a laser/dimple key cutting machine for sale? Thanks in advance!
  4. Tom locks

    Key ID

    Thank you
  5. Tom locks

    Key ID

    Thank you. I will!
  6. Tom locks

    Key ID

    I’ve tried The Evva dept, they don’t have a clue
  7. I used to get these from codringtons but can’t find them anywhere since they went out of business.. any ideas?
  8. Tom locks

    Pantograph trophy jigs

    Thank you.. I will
  9. Good evening. I’m just on the search for some jigs/clamps for a pantograph. Does anyone know of a supplier who stocks them? Or does anyone have any other way of sourcing them? Thanks in advance!
  10. Tom locks

    DM repairs

    Yeh I heard about that method but it seems to be a bit of an investment, maybe something to consider in the future.
  11. Tom locks

    DM repairs

    Really? By a customer?
  12. Tom locks

    DM repairs

    Haha, I’ve used 50/50 which has done the trick.. thanks again
  13. Tom locks

    DM repairs

    Thank you, I appreciate the help.
  14. Tom locks

    DM repairs

    I used to work for them yes lol
  15. Hello, I have a shop in newhaven, I am a locksmith mainly but Have been involved in shoe repairs for a while, i have been turning away doctor Martin units because I’m not certain how to secure them. Any input and advice would be appreciated! Thanks in advance.