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  1. thanks, we have looked at them in close detail and we would require a fibre laser - at 22k though its not urgent enough. shame really
  2. I think this be be laser but I was wondering if this is doable with a fx5 machine. I believe it would be but is there an easy way to do he black on the tag? Would be prepared to spend for a quicker solution in terms of the black. complete laser / engraving newbie but keen to learn
  3. thanks for the feedback, I guess the house insurance is there for a reason.
  4. thanks I will have a good old butchers at those today.
  5. I have a rolex oyster that is quite badly damaged the face has come off and it does not tick over (it was less that 6 months old) before it came into contact with a wall. I have taken it somewhere local that said they could not do it. Sent off to rolex who wanted just as much to repair as a brand new one. any one you can recommend?
  6. would anybody be kind enough to share wholesaler info we are interested in high quality pet tags not the really cheap ali ones. the more glitz and glam the better:)
  7. thanks for the feedback guys, the foil machine looks good I am going to look into that some more like the look it achieves. thanks very much for that. LS100 Energy, what do these go for brand new? Is it a bad idea to buy 2nd hand on ebay?
  8. We have just bought an engraving machine the fx5. I also want to be able to laser text onto leather but the prices I have seen just don't stack up for me. Is there an entry level machine that we could use for this? We are not interested in any chinese imports either lol
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