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  1. Fantastic! Black would definitely be a better option. Thanks for the link
  2. I got mine on sale for £110, and they're £150 new on Amazon now, so I think it'll be self-repair, or save for a year and buy new ones
  3. If by "he" you mean me, I'll point out that I'm not a "he". Even if I could afford the replacement soles, I wouldn't know where to start to affix a new one so I wouldn't try. At this point the boot is pretty close to killed anyway. These are yeeeaaars old, so claiming design/manufacturing fault wouldn't be likely to get me anywhere. I wasn't saying they broke quickly, just they broke in the same way my last pair did. Yeah, I'm sure not going to go through the expense of a process which would likely cost me more than I initially paid. At this point they're about a month away from being trashed anyway, so I'll give your suggestion a try.
  4. I'm in Northampton, so the heart of Shoe Country, which I guess might work in my favour...
  5. Until you said that, I'd never looked closely enough to see that they're hollow! And yeah, that's going to make the task nigh on impossible! Going on to the other comment... I took a look and had no idea you could buy the soles separately, and it might even be worth it, but would any local shoe repair place even know where to start, replacing an entire New Rock sole? I fear that the cost of the replacement, plus shipping, plus whatever a specialist would charge would be more than I paid for the boots originally!
  6. I have a pair of New Rock boots and the point beneath the ball of the foot has started to split clear across and up. This is the second pair I've had that died this way. Because of the depth of the split it's nigh on impossible to clean away any debris in the first place, in order to use glue, and I'm still to find any one that's up to the job as the split is right on a stress point. Can anyone recommend a specific glue/putty that might do the job? These boots are pretty unique, so I have no idea if a repair place would be able to help, but please say if I'm dead wrong there.