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  1. Hi K4MC Postage?. Not sure....depends on what you ‘re interested in I’d say. A lot of the things/boxes are heavy. What have you got your eye on?. Are you far?. Would it be better for you to come and see the items? let me know
  2. Hi Mick i have tried to email you but it says your email is an invalid address!!!??? I’ve pressed send anyway. But here’s things that’s left: locks, gearboxes, window handles, window stays, night latches, deadlatches, mortise locks, rims, din locks, there are several safes, key machines, etc etc. Would you like to come and have a look see?. Lottie
  3. £150 the wooden box is also full of various straps
  4. Door handles, UPVC locks and gearboxes x
  5. Hi Graham. Yes a very detailed itinery would be best. However with 5 kids on my own, its nigh impossible. It took a group of friends over a day to help me reorganise and resort into boxes the various types of things. Its not easy to organise as we all have kids. All I can say is the boxes are either full to the top with whats in them, or if not full to the top as the box is not strong enough to hold the weight, then it is "full" in the weight sense. So for example the padlocks, there's easily a total of say 40-50+ plus big and medium sized ones in it and some small ones. The box is almost half full but very heavy. That sort of thing. I did think of opening up each box and snapping whats in it to post, but again its organising help to move the stuff and doing it on my own isn't doable- my back is held together with titanuim screws so don't want to risk it. These are not excuses, just reality for me. i have so, so , so much legal stuff to prepare, sort, and write, along with running a house and trying to work, I'm up till the wee hours every night just staying on top of everything thats needed
  6. Lottie’s locksmiths

    True code for sale many vehicles

    Thank you Rick.
  7. Here is the list again to save scrolling through the previous pages. There really is alot here Locksmith shop list of items Box 1 Night latches, cylinders, sash cases, camloc ks, escutcheons, BS door locks, shed locks, window locks, door chains, shed security kits. Box 2 Door handles, UOVC locks, gearboxes. Box 3 Tubular key machine, deadlocks, and door locks coded locks. Box 4 door closers, door locks and handles. Box 5 to box 8 250 ghost keys or better known as cam turners for upvc, euro, oval etc. 250 keys in each box. (These sell on eBay £3.99 for one all day long) Box 9 lots of assorted locks. Box 10 fancy display locks. Box 11 and 12 250 ghost keys as box 5. Box 13 UPVC door handles and window stays Box 14 and 15 assorted padlocks small to massive, lightweight to seriously heavy duty. Box 16 Barrels and locks Box 17 leather offcuts Box 18 more window handles and door stays Box 19 UPVC handles Boxes 20 to 26 ghost keys as per box 5 Box 27 key tags shop hooks and key circles that keys go on. Box 28 shoe heels etc. Bix 29 watch stuff, straps and batteries Box 30 Letter fonts for engraving machine. Box 31 SOLD Box 32 UPVC stuff Box 33 blank keys Box 34 mostly night latches and few bits Box 35 replacement cylinders and rim cylinders Box 36 Mortice locks, sash locks, night latches and window locks Box 37 Reconditioned locks and garage locks. Box 38 Door chains, escutcheons, mushroom and roller keeps weather proof bolts, night latches Box 39 Orange feet shapes for shoe repairs several, shoe stuff Box 40 Letterboxes, key number stamps letter handles Box 41 Loose cylinders, Multi lock garrison keys with cards and blanks Box 42 Gears and locks for UOVC door units Box 43 pins for pinning kits Box 44 circlips and loose cylinders Box 45 More night latches padlocks and mortice locks Box 46 Blank keys Box 48 SOLD Box 49 shoe stuff dyes polishes etc. there are boxes of expensive codelocks There is also several key machines 2x Rekord plus key machines £450 1 grinder £50 2 other small key machines £250 for the pair Club key machine £200 Laser key machine £300 There are also more pinning kits Till £100 Several safes various prices, all £250-£300 upwards mainly Chubb Lots of key boards Other random bits like a welder I have since found 3 other boxes with extra bits in such as nightlatches, handles, pins, escutcheons, door furniture, codelocks etc.
  8. Dear all this is still available minus the futura and silca fast copy. There is a silca remote maker included Willing to take £10k as need it gone and money for family much needed. Please contact me.
  9. Lottie’s locksmiths

    True code for sale many vehicles

    And I have donated £30.00 to Jimmy's fund. xx
  10. Lottie’s locksmiths

    True code for sale many vehicles

    This is now sold locally.
  11. Dear all For sale True code with dongle, lead, protective box, £££ of software etc. Around £800 of software alone Software includes 4 types- FORD: Fiesta 2008-2013, Galaxy 2006 onwards, Mondeo 2007-2011, SMax 2006-2001, Transit 2006-2014 (FTC1) Edge 2016 onwards, F150 2015, Galaxy 2015 onwards, Mondeo 2015 onwards, Mustang 2015 onwards, Ranger 2016 onwards (FTC2) Astra 2004- 2015, Corsa 2006-2014, Insignia 2008-2015, Signum 2003-2008, Vectra 2002-2008, Zafira 2005-2014, (GMTC1) RENAULT Clio, Laguna, Espace, kangoo, Master, Scenic, Megane, Traffic, Velsatis. (RTC1) £650 with £30.00 donation to Jimmy Mitzen fund. This can be posted recorded tracked signed for, or collection.
  12. The leaning tower of locksmiths goodies in white boxes..... and in the brown boxes are cam turners. The cam turners alone sold on eBay would get you £14k as these sell fir 3.99 each. Weigh nothing and a large stamp covers postAge.