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    Hi Rick, I know this is an old post and I don't know if you have found an e cig to suit you yet but last year I was diagnosed with peripheral artery disease in my leg. They said it was probably mainly due to my smoking tobacco. When the price of flags went up to £11 and more, I started to smile Amber Leaf and rolled my own. I must admit, it saved me a fortune. After the scare I got, I said I would never ever smoke again. I was a heavy smoker so I bought myself a wee Coolfire IV device, and started with a high strength 18mg Amber Leaf flavour liquid https://ezee-quit.co.uk/product/amber/ The guys on this site, especially Mark have been so helpful to me, I could never thank them enough. I'm not gonna lie and say it was easy because it wasn't. It seemed that everywhere I went everyone was smoking and the smell was amazing and I wanted one. Gradually with a lot of perseverance and tears, I cut down from 18mg to 12, then to 6mg and now 0mg strength, I didn't lower my strength until I was 100% comfortable with the strength I was on, then I changed it to the next lower one. I have been on 0mg for a good few months now, and never looked back. It has taken me almost a whole year to achieve this, it's been a rocky road, but now, I just enjoy my zero nicotine vale and hate the smell of smoking. I am rely happy as my health has improved dramatically. I hope you've found something you like and its helped you too. Karen