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  1. I believe smooth leather at least on account of what I have read about Nubuck leather.
  2. Hey everyone, I'm opening this topic to discuss possible ways of revivify my old shoes and boots that I really love and don't want to part away from just yet. The first question comes down to how I can bring about to restore a better hue of colour on them. For instance, I tried polishing my shoes (second exhibit) with generic brown and orange polish, but it simply does nothing. Moreover there is this strange white strip of discolouring on one of its side and I cannot seem to polish the colour overlay on it. The clothed tear on the inside is also something I wish I knew a simple solution to (I have very basic stitching skills). The boots on the first exhibit have developed this strange shade of grey and green over what was originally a much more vibrant colour (I don't know what its called). The shoes on the third exhibit are also very dull looking and the original laces they came with were never really a good sight. I just don't know how I can make these look good again. Lastly, the final exhibit showcases boots, that are for the most part in good condition, but I need advise on what type of polish I can use on them. I would really appreciate any input from this community. Thank you very much