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  1. Specialist1975

    Crash in 'company' vehicle

    Some years ago one of my security patrols wrote off a parked van. The insurance only offered the owner around £250 as it was an old transit, but effectively this put him out of business (he was a gardener). I (my company) stumped up an extra £800 and brought him a usable similar van from a trader I know just to shut him up and protect the business image as much as possible. A good case for updating your terms and conditions/ driving policy for future. If you had an agreement in place that the employee covers the excess value then this would likely have covered this amount. Doing it in the way you have has saved everyone money so I would suggest at least 50/50.
  2. Specialist1975

    Fire extinguisher base

    Absolutely, though that extinguisher will be spent well before a minute passes. Just saying.
  3. Specialist1975

    Fire extinguisher base

    Too high, too small and arguably not the best type indoors. Power makes a big f'ing mess!
  4. Specialist1975

    Tune of the Day

    I escorted him through the crowd at a concert back in the 90s after he jumped off stage. He was screaming and spraying water over the crowd and doing his thing. When he stepped back on my foot he apologised immediately. One of the nicest "celebs" I ever protected. R.I.P.
  5. Specialist1975

    Locksmith needed please

    That's reasonable for a Mech, handles and labour
  6. Specialist1975

    Jury Service

    Never been asked yet, but as a director of a security company my plan was always to point out that due to my position there is a good chance I am likely to have had contact with a suspect, or any number of witnesses so it might be a waste of everyone's time..... I'll let you know how I get on if it every becomes an issue!
  7. Specialist1975

    Key id

    The forum searches across every post, not by thread title so if the keyword is used it can still be found.
  8. Specialist1975

    Latest InstaCode

    Posted August 16, 2018 You can use an LF61R with the AA series cuts. This is what i was advised in August. Haven't tried it though.
  9. More likely this profile. Doesn't look like they do a long one though.
  10. Specialist1975

    Computerised Mortice machine's

    The Idea is fantastic. Can't afford one myself, but they have one at a shop local to me and I regularly make use of it to cut to code, or make up a lever pack.
  11. Very interesting program. Have to say the young blacksmith would have my vote!
  12. Specialist1975

    Abus Extra Classe?

    Thanks everyone. I will tell the customer that it can be done.
  13. Can anyone point me to a blank for this key? It looks like Cisa to me but only have a picture from the customer currently so cannot test it. Hoping someone can confirm what it is from experience before I give the customer the answer. Doesn't seem to be a UK product.
  14. Specialist1975

    Matrix light bulb

    Cut a bit of hose/ tube with a split to hold the bulb and use that to screw it in.
  15. Specialist1975

    Mark under patent?

    And tell them not to drive in them!