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  1. That's because Nigel has Morals and integrity. Brisant I am not so sure about.
  2. I have now cut a key for a Pioneer cylinder on an ATK blank and it works.
  3. The Pioneer is a new product and Avocet are selling the blanks. The older ATK looks very similar but haven't tried it yet. Have ordered a Pioneer Cylinder and some blanks and will let you all know once I've tested them unless someone else can answer before me.
  4. A customer has brought in the ignition for the above (still attached to the yoke!) in the hopes we can make a key to the ignition. The lock has a code on it which doesn't come up on any searches on Silca or Instacode. As a relatively new model to the UK I am struggling to get any information on this. The barrel is quite long so seeing the wafers is proving difficult too. Any help would be appreciated. 500P045 is the code stamped on the steering lock
  5. For current BS good quality, I would use Union 3G114E or Union 2134Es, but they won't look as fancy as Banham.
  6. I have the one made by City Safe. Probably only cut about 5 keys before I brought the new Miracle S10 to go on the van. I'm at the show next weekend. Cost me £600 inc VAT. Open to offers.
  7. Ah, you've identified me! Yes that was unfortunate, but your customer support was first class and that says a great deal.
  8. I really enjoyed watching that lee.Your passion really comes through.
  9. A machine is never as grumpy as a Locksmith though!
  10. Seems we only had this conversation the other day Peter! I agree that most of these apps are better value for money than traditional terminals now as if you add everything up, you would have to be putting significant amounts through to make a rented terminal more cost effective.
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