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  1. Tricolourblade

    Diamonds are forever?

    Drag diamond is just pointed like a pencil but rotating diamond is cut and has flat faced sides ( faceted ) If I understood the question right lol
  2. I wash mine in soapy water , scrub lightly with cloth or sponge , rinse and let dry, then use a light/medium tan jar polish and they come up a treat , you’d have to be careful because of the suede. I do it with customers Sweeneys, barkers etc all work well.
  3. Tricolourblade

    Good Idea or bad Idea

    It’s going back to how it used to be before and it worked well. Our shop was like it but new owners ( mentioning no name JT) have moved them out front and totally ruined the feel / atmosphere it had.
  4. Tricolourblade

    Pantograph letters/patterns

    We took the stylus out and put a pen in and just copied it lol
  5. Tricolourblade

    would you clean these

    Not for someone who moaned at £5.99 never gonna be happy and expect it every time
  6. Tricolourblade

    Engraving into wood

    Hi I’ve used both steel and carbide , carbide is better for hardwood but most softwood can be engraved with either allen
  7. Tricolourblade


    Just a note, when you polish it , put a pet disc in the cloth and it’s stops the polish going in the infill . old tip I know but thought I’d mention it
  8. Tricolourblade

    Hi all

    Cheers guys
  9. Tricolourblade

    IS200 TX Gravograph For Sale

    Ok mate thanks for getting back , I’ll see if I can hold off on deposit. Volume is a great machine , ours was run on gravostyle 98 and the stuff it could do was amazing
  10. Tricolourblade

    IS200 TX Gravograph For Sale

    Can you give me an idea on how much you’d be looking for as I’m about to put a holding deposit on one
  11. Tricolourblade

    Hi all

    Hi ya , I’ve been a repairer for 35yrs across a few companies who all now have been taken over by the one and only.
  12. Tricolourblade

    IS200 TX Gravograph For Sale

    Hi k4mrc , is this for sale yet ?