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  1. Hi Zippo cabinet is of no use to me i.m afraid mate but happy with 170 all in plus other door bits no idea what they are and that inc postage ta
  2. Mostly boxed ir blister packed some loose assrted door locks various sizes all to go prefer you to collect or i.ll box if you arrange your own courier. 150 the lot
  3. Just bought load of stuff of locksmith but i have no use for this item you guys out there will know what its for cost 700 new looking for around 300 inc free postage
  4. Several hundred assorted pet tags for sale 150 quid. Donation to forum upon sale
  5. Hi Is anybody selling a working Lancer plus at all.pics n prices please Mark
  6. Keyline punto cavity machine working but needs new cutters ipen to offers ta
  7. How is this poss Boris has said hes not easing upon lockdown so whats the difference between them and me opening if i set up correct procedures
  8. Hi I have a Carat quatro 4way jaw cylinder machine, A silca rekord cylinder machine and a Bianchi RS206 mortice machine 600 the lot if they sell donation to forum please
  9. Hi I have a mate wanting to sell me 3 key machines Bianchi R5206 Carat2322 and Silca 200 all cylinder machines but I havent heard of any of them does anybody know or have a pic of any of the above ta
  10. I do agree with that I dont do a 50 quid job for 25 they can put the mark up on
  11. why shame I have several contracts that bring in good money that I wouldnt have Your just blinkered to what possibilties are out there
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