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  1. Hi I have a Carat quatro 4way jaw cylinder machine, A silca rekord cylinder machine and a Bianchi RS206 mortice machine 600 the lot if they sell donation to forum please
  2. Hi I have a mate wanting to sell me 3 key machines Bianchi R5206 Carat2322 and Silca 200 all cylinder machines but I havent heard of any of them does anybody know or have a pic of any of the above ta
  3. I do agree with that I dont do a 50 quid job for 25 they can put the mark up on
  4. why shame I have several contracts that bring in good money that I wouldnt have Your just blinkered to what possibilties are out there
  5. marky11

    New Yale key ?

    its not birch 8221
  6. marky11

    New Yale key ?

    dave put end view of key on
  7. marky11

    another fishy watch

    would charge 25.00
  8. marky11

    Embracing change

    do.t take it under a fiver someone wanted key cap for 20p on card
  9. Are there any shoe repairers looking for work near Coventry area pm me if so ta
  10. Is any body after a fully working long arm patcher 400 quid PLUS i will throw in another two electric long arm patchers you will be able to make another one machine out of the two PLUS a floor standing last collection from banbury Donation to forum if someone buys it pm me for photo
  11. marky11

    Glenway's monthly 'joke'

    there's worse on tv
  12. how long and how much bud