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  1. clactoncobbler

    Yale lock AE 44

    Fantastic I’ll give it a go, thank you
  2. Hi everyone, I’ve had a customer send me a pic of a lick on an old clocking in machine from a factory. It looks like a Yale 1a profile and the code in the barrel is AE 44. I’ve tried SKS and they say can’t cut one from code. My local locksmith friend has sold his business so no good going to him. Without having to pick it and send away the barrel just wondered if you all have any ideas?? Cheers
  3. Job lot of 409 non-transponder car keys £45 ono, i will box up and post off for extra £9. this is with myhermes. CAR KEYS 2018.pdf
  4. That's a shame about the roller, I'm clearing out any old machines and tools that I don't need. I'm scaling down, this town has been swamped with 2 Simpsons in 2 supermarkets in the last 3 years and even though I'm just off the main streets, footfall has gone done dramatically. I do about 30 pairs a month compared to 1000 a month 10 years ago. So after me doing it for 31 years and the shop being family owned for 51 years I'll be closing at the end of the year.
  5. Hi the welt roller has been sold already today. Too be honest I didn’t know what the cutter was called so I looked around and vintage ones are normally called slivers, but if it is called a ranger I’ll change the listing.
  6. Hi, it’ll cost £3.99 with myhermes. If you pay the asking price of £40 via bacs I’ll post it off to you today? Cheers Kev