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  1. Thanks for looking, I'll keep checking back. If I manage to get hold of one but without a screw I'll use a tap and die set to knock one up. The Ben units are on, and in the meantime my search continues.. As an aside, do you guys know what the problem is with Birches cutters? A couple of mentions on here of them being wrong for the job. Cheers. Chad.
  2. I'll cross my fingers and check back tomorrow. Cheers mate.
  3. I think my dad has a compatible set of cutters and I should be able to mount it on one of those bayonet fittings. If you find it and want rid could you send a width measurement and a price? I'll fit the units in the meantime and make it up as I go. Cheers Steel city shoes.
  4. I'm looking for a DM sole trimmer if anybody has one or any idea of someone selling. Needs a bayonet fitting to go on my Standard 750 micro finisher. Cheers. Chad
  5. do you have them in stock Keith? The switches inside seem fine but the plastic buttons are kaput.
  6. anybody have any spare buttons for a 750 they'd like to sell? Or know where to pick some up? All 3 are knackered.
  7. looking for a compact outsoler to buy, if there are still any left that aren't half the world away.