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  1. Can't see anything blue from Charles Birch, I think you're going to have to contact fergrove Venaxima for the blue version and see what the minimum order is.
  2. Do the vibram version come in blue? The Eaton. I know Andes do a blue option. https://venexma.com/gb/10__andes
  3. There's a daily mail/Ebay ad that pops up on my Facebook feed too. He's not far from me.
  4. This would probably be something we could all get onboard with because otherwise I get the feeling that our independent repair businesses are very fragmented, with different levels of service, quality and priorities, depending on what the shops local communities want, need and indeed can afford. Something that could unite us would definitely be beneficial. Also a network by where we could refer customers to other independents who perhaps provide services that we can't or indeed won't offer could help spread the knowledge and money around, perhaps through post in options? I know it feels strang
  5. Sorry I did mean the 750 micro finisher. I'm after the the larger finishing band that comes as part of the brush section of the machine, Keith.
  6. This is the page link https://www.facebook.com/last.co.uk/ You won't see any of the cheaper heel or half sole/heel options on my page but simply imagine a similar colour sole or heel piece adhered on top of your current original units. The tread is slightly different as is the colour but the material (PVC) is essentially the same. If you're cobbler has the DM groover then the lines on the exterior should match up too Hope this helps.
  7. Have a look at my post above, follow the link to my Facebook page of necessary to see other examples. If you find a good cobbler then you can relax and keep your favourite boots going. Best of luck.
  8. I know this thread is old but simply for future reference try tie tight laces, Jeannette is really good for zips, sliders and pretty much anything else you might need. She should definitely be part of any cobblers wholesale options.
  9. I know this is a general feeling within the industry but if we knock shoe repairs on the head what is our trade defined as? We aren't locksmiths, watch repairers or cordwainers, we are Jack's of all trades and in my opinion that is what defines us. I'm happy to take on all kinds of work but the most expensive work I take on is still shoe repair. I have plenty of customers willing to pay £130-£150 for welt down rebuilds of their favourite shoes or boots, they don't choose to spend this money out of some kind of altruism or a moral obligation to save the planet, they're sentimental about t
  10. Currently repairing a shot gun case, circa 1850. All hail the repair shop!
  11. Got a branch half a mile away, they aren't any kind of competition up here and their prices simply help me raise my own by comparison.
  12. I love doing zips, I still use my Dads old 29k. I charge around £50 for a riding boot zipper, around £60 for a leather jacket zipper, some short coil zippers in an unlined boot can be as little as £25. Timpsons seem to send most or the zipper work to me and to be honest their efforts are pretty woeful. I pick all the original threads, hit the original holes and change accordingly.
  13. Hi Brent. If you look at the thread "standard outsole" I believe there are questions and answers around the subject of a simplex stitcher and the manual for this machine, inspite of it's apparent obsolescence.
  14. Try making contact with Fegove Venexma, on Facebook. They have some really heavy tread trainer soles.
  15. What's the address they're going to?
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