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  1. crystal-engravers

    Card machine Merchant Rentals

    I use Sumup too. Clear reports, no monthly costs etc. Certainly worth checking them out As an aside customers are pretty impressed with it & thinks it's cool. So they say anyway. YMMV. D
  2. crystal-engravers

    trophies trade

    You could add: Trophy Distributors David
  3. crystal-engravers

    Brick Engraving

    I sandblast but I'm not sure my resist would key to a rough(ish) surface like a brick. Headstone operation as suggested above is possibly your best bet. David
  4. crystal-engravers


    I don't do much in the way of flat glass engraving like this but I imagine a light frost (rather than deep sandcarving) should be okay on fish tanks. David
  5. Hi Folks, Stumbled across this forum a while back around the time of the Glenway 'change of direction' shall we call it. After all the initial furore it all seems to have died down so I'm not sure how it's been working out for people. I didn't do much with Glenway anyway for it to have been an issue other than the precedent/model it maybe set. Absolutely not a shoe repairer however I've been engraving crystal & glass for awards, prizes, presentations etc for this past 27+ years so elements of the forum are relevant as are the many similar business issues I experience eg credit card machines/charges/insurances/customer expectations etc I have to say I'm greatly impressed by the interchange of assistance offered when hunting for items posters are not familar with or cannot find. Wish I had had that (like all of us I suppose) back in the day.......... Keep communicatin'!! Cheers, David David Kelso Crystal Clear Glass Engravers Belfast