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  1. Should mention that I was using the QuickBook programme (oldish) not the online version. Probably not much of a difference in the Quickbooks one way or another I imagine. The new accountant recommended to me uses Xero exclusively hence the switch. David
  2. NYKeys, Have been using Xero for a few months now. In the main I am reasonably happy with it but it does lack the features I was used to in QuickBooks. Although that could be down to familiarity. Very early days with Xero for me. One of the glaring drawbacks is the lack of a 'deliver to' box on invoices. Seems a pretty basic shortcoming to me and, judging by the Forums, a common complaint. Another issue I have is the inability to have a single 'Cash sale' account and store & save different names in the invoice. It cannot store different names in the 'bill to' field. If
  3. John, One of my suppliers has infil colours. Check out: https://glassscribe.com/shop/1006-everything for engravers/13-consumables/25-colour infill Not rub'n'buff more of an enamel I think. Haven't used it myself so no experience of it. Think trade price is around £10 mark. Worth a phone call. Ask for Adam. Regards, David
  4. I'm a sand blaster myself but then that's all I do. Certainly sand blasting gives you a bit of depth which the laser engraver just cannot do. It also results in a slightly more defined image in my (albeit limited) experience of laser engraving on glass. With new 'no washout' resists turnaround time is pretty quick. I use washout film but can still (at a pinch) get an engraving completed in less than 10 minutes. Unless you intend specialising in glass or crystal the laser would, as Peter says, give you a wider opportunity for use in other areas. Am I correct in saying some laser
  5. I suppose, for the record, I should mention that it was Trophy Distributors who looked after my returns so obligingly. Came aboard with them a few years ago at a Trophex show. Have to say they've looked after me very well since. I work exclusively on crystal and glass so I only have experience relating to those ranges within their catalogue. David
  6. I had a similar concern with another supplier when I had to return items that I had double ordered - my mistake NOT theirs. As it turned out I need not have worried. They were happy to take back the goods (at my expense of course which is fair enough) and the credit note came through in quick order. Their attitude was along the lines of mistakes sometimes happen. Needless to say they are towards the top of my 'suppliers to keep' list!! Does seem a tad shortsighted of Glenway. David
  7. All I do is crystal or glass so I sand carve/blast everything. For me it gives the best finish whether the item be crystal, jade or cheaper soda glass. I have no experience of lasering however any glass/crystal samples I have seen (which might be old now to be fair) do not stand up to close inspection when compared to a sand carved inscription. Talking about depth and density of image together with smoother outlines etc. I'm guessing more modern lasers may have addressed the smoothness/density of the image however they'll never have any depth or texture to the finished engraving.
  8. Folks, Many thanks for the pointers. Managed to source a few movements. Cheers, David
  9. Hi Folks, Mostly a lurker as I specialise in engraving crystal and glass however I do enjoy browsing the various chats here. While not watch related I have a number of crystal clocks which have faulty movements. I've tried replacing the batteries with no success. Photo of clock with recess for movement together with movement photos: An elastic/silicon band (not shown) goes round the movement which holds it in place once pushed into the recess. Dimensions of movement: rear diameter excluding band approx 33mm recess depth 5mm Diameter of recess in
  10. I use Sumup too. Clear reports, no monthly costs etc. Certainly worth checking them out As an aside customers are pretty impressed with it & thinks it's cool. So they say anyway. YMMV. D
  11. You could add: Trophy Distributors David
  12. I sandblast but I'm not sure my resist would key to a rough(ish) surface like a brick. Headstone operation as suggested above is possibly your best bet. David
  13. I don't do much in the way of flat glass engraving like this but I imagine a light frost (rather than deep sandcarving) should be okay on fish tanks. David
  14. Hi Folks, Stumbled across this forum a while back around the time of the Glenway 'change of direction' shall we call it. After all the initial furore it all seems to have died down so I'm not sure how it's been working out for people. I didn't do much with Glenway anyway for it to have been an issue other than the precedent/model it maybe set. Absolutely not a shoe repairer however I've been engraving crystal & glass for awards, prizes, presentations etc for this past 27+ years so elements of the forum are relevant as are the many similar business issues I experience eg credit ca
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