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  1. I always have issues with post box keys any suggestions? Thanks in advance
  2. Hi! Does anyone have a long reverse screw for a Dr. Martins trimmer
  3. Hello, has anybody got a Dr Martin Trimmer/Groover for sale? I need one and I can’t find one anywhere! Any suggestions? Thank you!
  4. Sorry guys just logged back on I’m in Melton Mowbray, if the ex timpsons guy is still looking drop me a text on 07743287380, texts are better tbh, I never hear the phone. Ta
  5. Haha Wyoming??? Anyone or sex or machine or any moveable object I’d any gender or race, alien or otherwise please apply. :)
  6. Hi guy and girls, I’m after a male or female repairer for holiday cover and part time work. Would suit a retired person any interest please email me on keironknights@hotmail.com thanks keiron
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