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  1. Any ideas on a blank or where to get these from? My guess is some sort of Chinese alarm panel reset or similar. Nearest I've got is an ILCO 1531 but it doesn't look close enough
  2. rmarsters

    Knott trailer key

    I wish I'd taken a photo of the profile, schoolboy error!
  3. Another tricky trailer key, customer says it's made in Germany. Anyone got any ideas on a blank on this?
  4. rmarsters

    CES AL-KO Hitch lock key

    Cheers guys, looks like I'll do them on the Easy Entrie instead
  5. Hi, any one had any luck in sourcing keys or key blanks for these AL-KO caravan hitch locks? Last resort I can Easy Entrie it, but would rather get in the blanks if possible
  6. rmarsters

    Best key boards

    Love the mood lighting!
  7. Could I do it on a Triax machine? edit: I've looked and I can, I think. Thanks!
  8. Oh yeah, it's a G reg Mercedes 230E I think that makes it 1989 and the blank I've got is a Key Line MB 52P
  9. Had someone in looking to get one of these keys cut, I have the blank but maybe I was being thick but I couldn't see how to cut it. Unfortunately that's not my photo just a stock one from online. But the cut doesn't go all the way through the key, and is reversed on the other side. Hope I've explained that, but anyone have any ideas on cutting these? thanks
  10. rmarsters

    WT Want Tong to code

    Got it sorted, it was for a maintenance company who didn't want to pay for a call out, they've bodged it open somehow
  11. Got a customer needing one of these Wang Wong keys to code. Code is 8302 and I know the blank is a Cyber Lock/HD MER34R but can't find a away to get the Silca Program to find the code. I know I've done similar on a Meroni card, but that series doesn't go up this high Any ideas? I know Fast Keys will do them, but it's needed today. Obviously the spare keys are locked inside!
  12. rmarsters

    Zone padlock key?

    This person is right! I have JC2R and they're not long enough
  13. Hi all, looking to source some key blanks to cut these. For a heavy duty Zone padlock, have been in touch with a few suppliers and no luck so far but hoping the hive mind can help out!