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  1. Anyone come across these Tricept track and dimple keys before? I've only got this picture from the customer but it looks identical to the Yale/Magnum keys. Anyone know if they're the same?
  2. I did think it could be a single sided key judging by the key way. The wafers are all on one side too. I can't get a decent look at the keyway. Thought this looked like a possibility seeing you mentioned Zadi https://www.replacementkeys.co.uk/zadi-e-series-keys.html?keycode=1501. Cut one myself and it goes in perfect....the wrong way round
  3. Hi all, struggling with this Fiamma Ultra roofbox. It's unlocked but customer has no keys. Normally roofboxes tend to be LF12 but that's not going in. Code is 1501, I've flicked through the Silca program and cant find anything that seems to match. Locks are rivetted on, so I'd rather not go into taking it apart. The two blanks I've managed to get to fit in so far are Silca SSF1R and MF1R Any ideas?
  4. Was it on a container? I've had a few mul t lock ones from site units, usually on a Junior/Classic 008 profile.
  5. Had some problems with Brisant taking key cutting business, if someone went to them they would sell keys direct rather than send them to us (even as an Ultion dealer). Not had problems with getting blanks yet, I think we normally go through Nigel Rose rather than direct.
  6. Hi Tony, I did check here as we use Davenports already but I couldn't see anything quite the same, this key is a lot thicker than the other similar blanks we have.
  7. Amazing work Howard! That does look to be the right one, now to track a blank down
  8. Struggling with this one, BEST key stamped 7N-2 not sure yet if it's from a suite otherwise it's probably going to be as easy to change the lock. I've got loads of different profiles of Arrow keys which are a similar style but without shoulder but this is a lot thicker than them. Any ideas?
  9. Would have thought it would have some sort of stamping on one side at least?
  10. Would agree with this, the parcel shop itself brings in around £25-£40 a week but we easily do that again cutting keys whilst they're in the shop and that's before they've seen all the other services we do
  11. 8.30 - 5 Mon - Fri and 9-2 on Saturday. DPD were ok with this, and when a customer chooses to have a parcel delivered to us it tells them this.
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