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  1. You could pin a half euro to the key and then put it in a padlock body
  2. I think it's Kaba that produce these, so probably worth getting in touch with them
  3. Any ideas on this WT key? It's a new one on me. All I know is that it's from a bank of lockers in a university building. This is the first one to go missing, but there'll inevitably be more soon!
  4. Did anyone come up with a solution for this? Just had one in the same
  5. Cheers! This is the first time we've seen these in Cambridge. If they start becoming more common it might be worthwhile in the future.
  6. Yeah, this is for a housing association. looks like I can order direct with a letter of authority, not cheap though!
  7. Any ideas on supply of these Gerda keys? One i'm after is stamped H1. I can see that Davenports supply the blanks but no idea how to cut it? EDIT: Seems to have cropped my photos, so you can't see the cuts very well
  8. looks pretty good. I'm sure we've got some of them somewhere
  9. We've sent these on to Anglia Locksmiths (http://www.anglia-locksmiths.co.uk/) before and also their was a guy called Antique Locks (or something similar) who did them, I don't think he had a website
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