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  1. Update : everything’s gone donations have been made
  2. So... I’m in a tight pickle at the moment may need to sell my equipment as of next week. theres a fair few things auto locksmiths may need, from tango to vvdi2 and key cutters etc picks the job lot... and some domestic stuff 07366597831 is my number just message me on WhatsApp and I’ll send all the pics through as there’s a fair few will donate if sold on here
  3. Will donate once sold on here guys!
  4. Hi guys, two cutting machines for sale here sold separate or together either way got to get rid! theres the old mortise cutting machine and a sks duel machine, not sure on a fixed price as of yet so throw me your best offers! Text 07366597831 based in West Yorkshire - Wakefield!
  5. Update* £700 or best offer rw4 2200 or best offer smart pro
  6. Hi guys donations have been made Have my rw4 plus includes both snoops id46 and id48 and includes mbox too And my smart pro, 7 tokens on it, pretty decent coverage software purchases it has ford/gm/Peugeot and cit/Suzuki/honda/nissan/vag/kia-hyundai/daewood/toyota-lexus Non canbus software Drop me a message via text if interested 07366597831 will sell separate Based in Wakefield - price just give me your best offer
  7. If anyone needs one i have a spare tibbe cutter at £130 old style tho forgot the name, jack something
  8. Should have a x300 back by monday, so edging away from them, is there any others?
  9. That be correct martin... a cheap key programmer to save tokens on the mvp pro
  10. Hi guys! So i had a token saver die on me the other day and i'm in need of a replacement if anyone has anything for sale... get posting below so me "and others looking for token savers" can browse what y'all got! cheers.