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  1. Should have a x300 back by monday, so edging away from them, is there any others?
  2. That be correct martin... a cheap key programmer to save tokens on the mvp pro
  3. Hi guys! So i had a token saver die on me the other day and i'm in need of a replacement if anyone has anything for sale... get posting below so me "and others looking for token savers" can browse what y'all got! cheers.
  4. If your looking for newer cars and a heck load of Asian vehicle coverage yes the skp1000 would be a great option for lost keys etc, but personally diving into the China equipment like I said, I wish I went with advanced keys equipment to get going (y) lots more coverage on the cars people lose there keys for round my end
  5. Yeah your right on that one about the new advanced diagnostic tool coming out! Looks brilliant! Yet I'm fairly new to the trade and I'd have to start saving some pennies for that, as of the MVP pro... I may have to wait to get one when everyone replaces them with the smart pro hah!
  6. Hi guys, had a fair few programmers... all been alright I guess, I REALLY should have started with the MVP pro, but dived right into cheap Chinese equipment, had the skp900 rather liked that and the obdstar x300 dp I rarely used as it did less than it said to do "gone now both"... now I have the lonsdor k518ise which is recently new and the skp1000 I haven't got round to testing, the lonsdor is good hasn't failed me yet on mazdas vauxhall etc but I'm still wanting a MVP pro, I'm debating to stick these two up on a sales site and buy out the MVP pro or do I stick with these two pieces till I get enough for the MVP? Any suggestions? It's rather bugging me...