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  1. Hi am looking to buy a smart aerial for my ad100 anyone got thanks.
  2. Thank you all so much for all the replies, I will order some of them and will post the result.
  3. Hi, I just had a customer come in with a Timpson UL066. I used a UL050 as I have done before and the customer came back and said it too tight for the lock. I tried it and is very tight and hard to take back out. Could someone please give me a key id on this, Thanks Urbantek.
  4. Keys cut to code. I have recently purchased a silica futura pro and a customer came in with a burg locker key. we have searched burg under lock manufacturers on the machine and typed in the code given but nothing. 10239 code, can any body help us. thank you
  5. Hi, if anyone has a second hand M Box for RW4 plus for sale could you post reply, or contact Urbantek 0131 556 0374
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