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  1. Toorex

    DOM Plura blank

    Thanks guys, I'll have a look at that silca blank.
  2. I'm looking for suggestions on a DOM Plura blank. Thought that was patented but apparantly not?
  3. Perhaps Eurolocks, Hafele or Ronis?
  4. Hi guys, looking for an ID on this cash register key.
  5. Looking for a key ID for this electric wheelchair key.
  6. Thanks, Growster! Learning something new every day. Graham, this quick sketch is all I have to work with right now, forgot to take a picture. It says 'Made in England' along the sides of the head. This key in particular had code 430001 on it. Ignore the measurements above the key, those are for something else.
  7. Don't have a picture of these specific keys, but I'm getting more and more of these in. They are used for container bins. They're fairly long mortice keys with a thin 'beard' (not sure what the English terminology is for this?) I've been using JMA 239G to make them but there has to be a better option I think. Anyone have any experience with these keys?
  8. Key ID on this toolbox key please?
  9. Alright I'll try with LF12. Thought the difference was too much but I'll start with testing just one.
  10. Close, but no cigar. Think I'll just order the BL2 David mentioned above, closest one I've found to the original.
  11. Do you have a picture?
  12. Toorex

    Key ID please

    Very close but not a 100% match. Could work though.
  13. Key ID for this file cabinet key please. I have no idea.
  14. Key ID for this 'Still' forklift please. Got lots of keys that look alike but none that are exactly the same.
  15. Seems to be the one, thanks! Does this only exist in Borkey? Can't find it in my Silca book.