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  1. Seems to be my best bet right now.. I'll try this one.
  2. I did, the keys fit (although they're sitting very loose inside the lock) but I can't manage to make them work properly.
  3. Looking for a key id for these small 'BD' cash register keys. Thanks guys!
  4. Hello, I just got this watch in but I've never come across this system before.. How should I go about attaching a new strap to this watch? I tried pulling/twisting the little mushroom caps but there seems to be no movement at all.
  5. Hey, I know I've made this Wilka key before but can't find the right blank for the life of me.. Any help would be appreciated. The second key seemed easy to me, first thing that came to mind was Zeiss Ikon. It's close, but won't fit. Open to any suggestions!
  6. Kind of resembles AB83, perhaps another blank in the same series?
  7. This is the closest match for now. Just the bottom notch is different but shouldn't cause any trouble. Thanks!
  8. Good observation but don't think so, Rick. It's close but on closer inspection the grooves don't match. Thanks for the suggestion though.
  9. Looking for a key blank for this Neiman key. The key is used for an oldtimer Mercedes Pagoda.
  10. Neco is in that list but there's only one model so I'm not sure..? Expensive blanks as well!
  11. Looking for the PROPER key blank for a Neco Azzuro scooter. Client only has one, already copied, key that's been fumbled with; the JMA TOYO22. Tried cutting the key from the same profile. Had to file of some edges to fit into the keyhole, but then the key didn't turn. Tried cutting the teeth shorter/longer, but nothing's working. Does anyone know the right key blank for these scooters?
  12. Thanks guys, I'll have a look at that silca blank.
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