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  1. Prices and specifics please
  2. Abars

    smart pro for sale

    I'm pretty sure you have to stipulate a price here but, I'd say it's unlikely that anyone other than a dealer want's the whole lot, the only way would be if it was so cheap it was irresistible, My advice have a look at individual used prices and list individually somewhere near there, bear in mind that prices for S/H gear from shops carry a guarantee whereas a purchase from you would not so the price should reflect that and unless you are selling with a VAT receipt you can't include that value in your wanted price... one point would be that you say you have a new smart pro, as new as it is, you have to describe it as used and state the purchase date.. GLWS
  3. Abars

    Miracle a5 for sale

    Has it been updated and if so what update does it have? How much?
  4. Hi, what are you looking for, I have a Miracle A5 and a cylinder machine
  5. Do you have a number or link for it ?
  6. No definately not an Fo38 or Fo15D it is opposite handed and smaller groove
  7. No but thanks for the suggestion.
  8. Hi thanks for the hints at this point I'll give anything a go lol... No luck as of yet though...
  9. Did that have the ford shaped top ?
  10. Hi all, does anyone know who is able to supply the flat key blanks for a 2010 LTi black cab or what profile they are ?, photo attached, not chubb type key Thanks Mick
  11. Hi all, does anyone know what key blank the 2010 london taxi's use and where I can get them ? I'm not talking about the Chubb type key I mean the one pictured.. thanks Mick
  12. How much is the A9 buddy and what model is it?
  13. What year and model mate? Some are just standard ford tibbe.
  14. yes, can I have your email address? My phone number is here <<<<<<---------------------------------------------------------------------<<
  15. matt.vennables@virginmedia.com