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  1. Hi all, does anyone know who is able to supply the flat key blanks for a 2010 LTi black cab or what profile they are ?, photo attached, not chubb type key Thanks Mick
  2. Hi all, does anyone know what key blank the 2010 london taxi's use and where I can get them ? I'm not talking about the Chubb type key I mean the one pictured.. thanks Mick
  3. How much is the A9 buddy and what model is it?
  4. What year and model mate? Some are just standard ford tibbe.
  5. yes, can I have your email address? My phone number is here <<<<<<---------------------------------------------------------------------<<
  6. matt.vennables@virginmedia.com
  7. For some reason i cannot pm you, would you like to message me about some of your items for sale ? Abars1@virginmedia.com thanks Mick
  8. I'm selling my Miracle A5 mate, with PDA and tool kit and Auto Jaw as well as both stop clamps £1500 cash, I also have a couple of extra clamps like the Ford Fo19 and fo21Tibbe clamps which are still available new as they also fit the current A9 units, available to the A5 buyer at extra cost or I will list the spearately. I also have a Brand new boxed RW4+ for £1150 cash.
  9. The trade-in value of the MVP pro is only £1050 mate....
  10. OHHH! too late! Where are the items located please ?
  11. You are not using it for trade purposes that's rubbish, you are working on it which is covered under your liability/trade insurance, the driving aspect is covered under your vehicles cover as long as his vehicle is insured. you must have your own "trade policy" to cover all road risks as you will come across uninsured/untaxed vehicles in the course of your job and the fact that you do not know what cover the vehicle has. The only way you could be "using it for trade purposes" is if you used it for the purpose it was made AND you earned money for doing that, Or you used it to drive to and from a job or collected it to be worked on at your place of business, As you are not driving it or carrying passengers you are not using it and certainly not in the course of your business. Be careful taking advice from "non-Insurers" If you are "fixing it" you are not using it by definition. For the above guy, he would have been convicted if he didn't have appropriate insurance, simple. How cover works, Public liability insurance covers you to "work on" a vehicle including bad or faulty workmanship issues anywhere. (iT DOES NOT COVER ANY ASPECT OF ROAD RELATED INSURANCE AND DOES NOT COVER YOU TO DRIVE) "trade road risk cover" is minimum, and covers you to drive or sit in and for trade purposes, all the vehicles your policy stipulates, only on the public highway. "trade full cover" covers the vehicles you have collected or parked at in or around your premises overnight whilst in your custody as well as a lot of essential cover. Your own van insurance will cover you to drive someone else's vehicle third party (not for trade purposes, so as long as you do not DRIVE it to earn money) cover on the highway, as long as the vehicle is already insured, and if it is stipulated in your own policy ( this is an addition, not a standard facility on all policies) "THIS IS THE MINEFIELD" This is where most people come unstuck as I suspect the guy did above. In Summary.. You have been doing it correctly with the Road risk cover. As long as you do not take the vehicle to your work premises and the customer is not present (if you collected it and have it parked) The insurance you need is fully comprehensive "Trade insurance including legal cover" covering you to drive/be in charge of any vehicle and any legal eventuality Including Public liability insurance (mine is £10 Million) to cover yourself if you make a mistake that causes ANY loss to anyone. There are lots of other options under the "trade" umbrella so make sure you tick ALL the appropriate such as tools in transit, stock in transit, electrical items, Motorcycles as well as loss of income, legal, recovery(if you have a truck) Basically any part of what you do in the course of your business. I Also have my spouse on mine and we both have business and private use covered. This covers you then for all your own vehicles, your wife's vehicles and all vehicle road use.
  12. Hi, is it definitely the ad100 and not the mvppro? what software is owned outright? Is there any token-based software on it? Is there a smart dongle or smart aerial? What cables are included and who is the account with? or the supplier? Thanks Mick