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  1. Keys&shoes

    Vista Print

    Ive not tryd them for banners yet but will do now,ive had a couple t shirts from them,the print is decent an they fit well which i dont find ofen being 19stone weight lifter. After todays service ill never go elswere,when u wrap up the order they even recomed other products with pictures and your logo and details etc on,to easy..
  2. Just wanted to let you all know what a good service i had from Vista Print. I orderd a 1000 a5 flyers for about 53 quid all in an went for the matt paper,they were ment to come yesturday but didnt turn up so i thought here we go an gave them a call today.The bloke explained that theyve had some isues printing the matt ones so he'd give me a full refund AND send me a thousand flyers on the glossy paper for free!! Cant say fairer than that,deffo worth using again an thought it only right to spread the word.
  3. I think i saw that on ebay mate,looks great but not for me,cheers though
  4. Send them down to me if ya like an you can have all my car keys 🤣🤣
  5. Your right its the same person i tryd joing on phone and computer an fluffed it up 😂😂 only just got my head around using facebook and ive had that 9 years!!
  6. Keys&shoes

    Contactless payment changes

    Sorry just seen the link haha will grab some of them myself 👍