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  1. Can the RST Mustang dimple key cutting machine be used to cut the 3 corner edge angled cuts on Kaba security keys using a JMA F43 KABA 20 KA-2 CUTTER.I have no knowledge at what angle the vice jaws need to be tilted at to achieve the correct cut and do you hold the key in the vice using the main flat side of the key or do you insert the key clamping the thin side between the vice jaws.Any information/advice would be appreciated.
  2. Ongoing problem.Raised this issue with T Colledge & Son of Bristol.Was informed that they have tried numerous sources of supply and have found them all to be lacking in accuracy of guage.Ie, they order 6 guage but when checked with a locksmith pin/pipe guage they are found to be 6.5 guage.Attitude of key manufacturers does leave a lot to be desired on this problem.Able to use a Guardian 6 guage(which is a 6 guage) to extricate myself out of some situations but as still got some limitations.Any successful supplier/stockist information would be appreciated.