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  1. After my boss closing up and f***ing of to spain he has now left me jobless as a result im looking for a computerised engraving machine for sale already have stock so just looking for a machine tried to get finance through kennet but my credit rating is shot since when i was young and ive only just cleared all my debts Any help would be greatly appreciated Single dad of 2 girls looking to work for myself
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    Hi there Ive never really posted in any forums before but here it goes after working for my previous employer for over 5 years my boss passed away and his kids closed the company down overnight we mainly did engraving as well as other things but now ive been thinking about having a crack myself Basically im looking for a entry level engraving machine that would last until i could purchase something abit better ( we used the gemrx-5) but they are abit out of my price range at the moment have contacted a few companies to enquire about finance and lease purchasing Any advice please