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  1. i had some in my shop not found any yet look something special
  2. The Nutty cobbler


    1st Codringtons :-0 2nd whats up with sks heard the MD has gone & a few of reps left anyon e know more ?
  3. The Nutty cobbler

    Silca Futura Pro

    looked at one when unicode died and almost got a futura but no it looked poor as had issues i use the keyline total machine and never let me down which is a great machie choice !
  4. The Nutty cobbler

    Silca cutting card for YA84

    checked my instacode and only goes to ya83 think ya84 is security key and may not be on for that reason
  5. The Nutty cobbler

    SEC-E9 cutting machine

    is it just me http://www.silca.biz/en/products/key-replacement-business/electronic-key-cutting-machines/122012-1014600/futura-pro.html
  6. The Nutty cobbler

    SEC-E9 cutting machine

    Taking about familiar think this machine is a copy of silca http://www.jmakeys.co.uk/noticiasdetalle.aspx?idNoticia=163
  7. The Nutty cobbler

    Key ID please

    I had these b4 and had old Ilco stock and it is 1676 ilco sorry not great with cross ref numbers
  8. The Nutty cobbler

    Key ID help

    I did check the Alfa Range thank you but nothing matched So I looked in the gege section and yep think i have it , silly me ,
  9. The Nutty cobbler

    Silca Twister vs RST Mustang vs SKS Panther

    Have one too, never let me down
  10. The Nutty cobbler

    Key ID help

    Thank you, for adding these also thank you I will look at the Alfa range as well .
  11. The Nutty cobbler

    Key ID help

    Thank you just emailing now
  12. The Nutty cobbler

    Key ID help

    Thank you , but I know that one has an overlap profile. This one is a JMA key and a number has been scrubbed out . I'm still trying to upload a photo but keep getting a message as below Error The server returned an error during upload