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  1. Hi guys, what car battery booster packs are you using with the mvp? I've seen the prices vary a lot. What's good quality at the right price? cheers
  2. Cheers for advice I'll hang on a bit I think
  3. Hi guys, I currently have rw4 plus with m-box and the SRP but I want to start programming more remotes as I'm loseing money every time I turn them away!! I know I should get an MVP or wait for then new smart pro but I'm looking for a cheaper option in. ive been looking at skp1000 and lonsdor k518ise and such like. Anyone tell me from there own experience what these Chinese machines are like and also where do you get the blanks from for these machines? Can you use the key DIY blanks with these machines?or shall I just save the penny's and wait for the smart pro Cheers
  4. Hi has anyone got any pointers on changing dr. Marten units? I was gonna use riena prima and then 5050 get nice and hot and then press I got the units forms charles birch neutral in colour
  5. Dan.sek

    MVP Pro

    Hi, is it still for sale? Is that the standard package or is there any extras included with it? Cheers