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  1. Can anyone help need the opposite to a ED2....
  2. You also find most employees at these place's will be kids (students) .....who one minute will be helping someone find the right Rawl Plug to hang that picture.....or advising on what thinners to use to keep those brushes clean .....then "oh while you here , can you cut me 3 of these ? " the young person looks all confused 🤷‍♀️, sorry only my manager can operate the machine and there not in today .....😂 😂.......just rub your hands and wait for the cock ups 😎
  3. There is a large Homebase near me .....had a self serve key cutting kiosk installed couple weeks ago.....advertising keys for £4.98 and will do 3 for 2 .....it is been chucked in a corner of there store amongst all there grass seed etc 😂...don't think to locate it amongst there locks and ironmongery lol..haven't changed anything with us , I found in the past .....only certain employee will know how to help use it when a customer wants to use it ....and would love to be there when someone wants a Yale superior or Ruko key(very poplar around us ) things like that , and can't understand it won't do them.....😂........I really wouldn't let it worry you
  4. Masterkey2012


    Think this would help lol 😂
  5. Masterkey2012


    Any idea on key ID ....gone through most but this one is beaten me ? Has a key number as B592 ? Cheers
  6. Masterkey2012


    Any idea on key ID ....gone through most but this one is beaten me ? Has a key number as B592 ? Cheers
  7. Masterkey2012

    Avocet. Pioneer

    Thanks guys......ordered
  8. Anyone tell me what blank to use on this beauty ? MUL-T3 (JMA ) ? What do you think ? Cheers
  9. Masterkey2012

    MED Key

    Cheers graham
  10. Masterkey2012

    MED Key

    Anyone ID this particular one ? Restricted ? Cheers
  11. Masterkey2012

    Silca ID48

    I had this too ...on a 2010 golf...but just felt I should try it anyway...and started the vehicle first time ..... 😃
  12. Masterkey2012

    Promotional videos

    Just about to do the same , bought monitor / with USB playback .....found someone local who deals with media & websites to make up short video's and stills to make we hope 20min video , that will go on a loop ? ask about your area ....give me keys & shoes all day , but modern stuff like that forget it 🤔 Find a Nerd near you 🤓