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  1. David C

    "Q" key blank...

    Looks like a Securistyle Viscount window key.
  2. Any suggestions? My usual suppliers have drawn a blank.
  3. David C

    Opsial key ID

    Thanks chaps. 6 pin ASEC is close to fitting in my fishy keyway and might do the job with a bit of modification but the 1800 mile round trip to check it rules it out. If we can't find correct blanks I think pluriel.fr is the solution.
  4. David C

    Opsial key ID

    Thanks Graham...I'll try them. It's for a holiday place in the Alps but the English owner can't get keys locally. I'm hoping I'll have to change the locks
  5. T.B.H. I would have thought any of the above would do the job but if LF12 etc. don't fit in the keyway perhaps JGH-1D is what you need.
  6. JMA BL-2 IC card 328
  7. David C

    Instacode issue

    They're on IC Live 'The works'. I guess they're considered a vehicle key.
  8. My mission for tomorrow is to convince customers that 'bellend' is a technical term.
  9. Claim another exchange or refund and send them back to the seller. It's a design/manufacturing fault, not yours. They will claim it's a design 'limitation' but if you paid good money for a pair of boots they should last a good amount of miles. The skills exist in Northamptonshire (and probably Stoney Middleton) to make similar boots which would last a lifetime if the demand existed at a realistic price. You paid a premium for brand named boots which look fancy not for boots that wear and repair well. Only by returning them can you tell New Rock that they are not good enough.
  10. David C

    insurance cover

    We pay around £650 for the shop (including buildings insurance) and £150 contractors (doesn't include tools & machinery so the vans usually empty, I just take what I need)
  11. I throw away steel and recycle brass along with engraving offcuts. Guess I should be recycling steel too though.
  12. iZettles 2.5% charge for invoicing put me off. It's a free feature of Paypal. I use it regularly for customers who have accounts with us and they can pay by Bank Transfer, Cheque or whatever.
  13. Looks like JMA ALF-4
  14. Are you suggesting access to the equipment and know-how available from Locksmith suppliers should be freely available? I for one would be happy if some parts of the security industry were a bit more secure. Newbies.....buy a key machine and a few blanks from Birches or Davenports and your away.
  15. David C

    Key id

    Vee Ind. Inc. Boynton Beach, FLA. here
  16. David C

    Single Use Plastic

    YES!!! I'd like red and blue with tibbe and black with every other key please.
  17. Profile is YN-CD if its any help.
  18. Far better with a proper Tibbe machine. Especially if you're cutting finest Chinese steel.
  19. David C

    2007 mini

    Usually they work....but only once as the code doesn't roll