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  1. DiceyReilly

    Side shields

    Where is the cheapest place to buy the little metal side shields that go onto the wooden shield type trophies. many thanks in advance
  2. DiceyReilly

    Side Shield

    How do I PM my address
  3. DiceyReilly

    Side Shield

    I only need 1, but I will take 10 or 20 if you have them spare. Tell me how much and where to send payment. Cheers
  4. DiceyReilly

    Side Shield

    Does anyone know where to source this side shield. It is approximately 45mm wide and 52mm high
  5. DiceyReilly

    Side shields

    Anyone know where I can buy these side shields. Or who is the best supplier to buy more varieties of side shields from. Swatkins and trendsetting awards dont have them
  6. DiceyReilly

    Black plastic base for trophy

    they dont have this size in their catalogue
  7. I am looking to source a base to replace a broken one. It is 120mm wide at the very bottom and 85mm across the top. It is 92mm high. Anyone any ideas where to find one
  8. DiceyReilly

    Spring clips

    Does anyone know where I can source spring clips for the inside of a silver cup
  9. DiceyReilly

    Brass Plaque

    Hi everyone, I am relatively new to all this. I have an old Mastergrave Universal and I was wanting to have a go at doing a brass plaque for a memorial chair at my bowling club. How do you infill the engraving and what is the best way to turn the lettering black or other colours. Many Thanks
  10. DiceyReilly


    Sorry, meant to say, it is for my little boy, not for sale
  11. DiceyReilly


    Has anyone got a decent copy of chelsea fc as I went to open mine to find it wasnt there