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  1. Hi Can anybody recommend the best wholesaler to get marine padlocks from? I currently sell the zone marine online but thinking about expanding to IFAM etc if the prices are right Thanks in advance
  2. I've started getting a few of these in now and Davenport have told me to use the following https://www.davenport-burgess.com/products/EUROSPEC-MPX6-BLANK/P135065 That blank is too long so involves a bit of cutting / filing , can I get away using PSEM6? Thanks in Advance
  3. Thanks for the top tip, you haven't copy wrote the idea have you? I think a new toothbrush (beggar the expense) will be my first purchase with the machine
  4. I'm probably going to stop away from car key cutting and programming, one less headache to have in a small shop
  5. Cutting from code? I don't think we're that advanced yet I wouldn't even know where to start with that! These dimple keys are looking complicated at the moment bring back normal cylinders and mortice keys and a good set of files
  6. Brilliant, thanks for that it's good to see the manual etc, what's involved in doing automotive keys? It's something we've always stayed away from with the coding issues etc
  7. Hi Rick Thanks for that, I'm probably going to purchase whichever machine I decide on through Davenport Burgess as that's who I use now for my other machines and blanks etc, I'm more looking for advice on machine recommendations and things I should be aware of such as different cutters / jaws / adaptors that I would need to purchase on top of the machine cost
  8. Totally agree, we started off with just a cylinder machine, then added a mortice machine and this seems like the next logical step, the things that are worrying me is the time it takes to cut one blank (which I would imagine is a while) and the fact I might need different cutters etc for doing different blanks?? I'm totally new to these dimple keys and wouldn't know where to start :)
  9. Thanks for all the responses, probably looking into getting the RST Mustang or the HD Punto, will these cut the Yale dimple keys as a few we've been asked to cut are the Yale ones? Also what prices do people charge for dimple keys to be cut? I see the blanks are quite a bit dearer and I'd imagine that the cutting will take a lot more time as well Thanks in advance
  10. Just recently I've noticed an increase in customers coming in for dimple keys, at the moment we only do the normal cylinder and mortice keys, I'm thinking of investing in a dimple machine but just trying to work out the cost / sales, are the dimple keys going to become more and more popular? And what sort of price point should they realistically be? A friend of mine had some made (they had to be ordered) and the cost was £25 for 1 or £40 for 2 Thanks in advance
  11. Certainly was but by logging out and then logging back in again I can now like the comments, thanks once again
  12. Thank you for all your help, it's looking like a HD MR1 which I think will be the same as a Silca MER1 I have tried to like comments above but some reason it won't let me
  13. Can anyone identify the key attached below? And possibly tell me an alternative Davenport Burgess blank? Thanks in advance
  14. Can anybody help identifying the key below, it's a patio door key
  15. Brilliant thanks good job I came on here for advice, I'd never have known that
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