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  1. Sorry guys .... now sold
  2. I have used this company before, no problems at all,I always find there customer service to be great..... so I would like to think they will resolve any issue's you are having..
  3. Will Also Add a ThinkPad lapop with trucode all installed on it for £300
  4. Hi Martin It is a great bit of kit, but where I'm on a utp with my mvp and have other kit also I have just find this gathering dust in my Van, I find my Renault ecu tool performs flawlessly on Renault and with more funcions and coverage, so thats why its excluding Renault Package.
  5. Would anyone be interested in this I only bought in November I have only used it a couple of times, decided to sell. Its a great bit of kit for the money a grand less than i paid in November. Based in Kent Asking £1850
  6. Regardless...... whoever spends five grand on a second-hand futura would be absolutely mad
  7. Look harder this is the pro for 5700.... https://www.internationalkeysupply.com/products/ilco-045-futura-pro-key-cutting-machine
  8. For basic it does mate... this is full version
  9. Me 2 still, with more cash waiting
  10. Hi Dave do you still have this?
  11. Am I asking to much at £600?