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  1. Hi looking for a Used Silca futura Auto for a friend that is returning back to the UK from Spain. cheers all and stay safe.
  2. As far as I know it’s lonsdor. I will ask them over the weekend and let you know
  3. This can now be changed over as long as you know the seller that it came from.
  4. Hi Guys I’m looking for a used miraclone if anyone knows of any going Tel 07472427640 Regards Phil
  5. What you calling me now MR P 🙃. I will tell Mrs P
  6. Like I have said we have done this without any issues both lost and spare keys
  7. Will this machine code in the newer hitag3 honda civic 64plate shfffk3 remotes ??? ,ad100 is a no ,need to try x-100 also Dave I did a 2015 & 2016 Honda Civic both with lost keys yesterday using AD.
  8. Yes I have the mini condor from my good friend Moe of X Horse, works very well.
  9. Hi Guys Looking for a second hand viper with edge cut kit. Or would look at keyline ninja or BD laser with colour screen Cash waiting Regards 07472427640
  10. I have a new one still in the box also the sx9 adaptor Phil 07472427640 I'm away today but back tomorrow
  11. Hi Robin What comes with the new BD laser Regards Phil @ Advanced Diagnostics
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