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  1. Exactly rax, The thing is, it took two years to break the encryption for Paxton. Hundreds of man hours and this needs to be recouped. you guys can now copy a fob you couldn’t before and now make a little bit more money. Hopefully you get the outlay back and it’s worth it.
  2. Yes it does. you cannot use Paxton tokens bought off eBay, they won’t work. there TDF1 tokens are specific for writing to.
  3. Do you mean original Paxton Fobs or the ones you can write to with the TDF 1?
  4. Right now the Mifare Desfire has not been cracked so there is nothing on the market that can copy the PAC Desfire Grey token. you are out of luck. Sorry.
  5. I said it was good to have competition so market away The TDF1 was the original and at the time ‘Only’ Paxton copier. I then bought out the ETD1 computer based HF copier. Both available through distributors. I then bought out the icopy-xs UK specific firmware to copy all the fobs the Smartcard Deluxe copies and the ETD1 copies plus more. Unfortunately we couldn’t get the antennas to work across both these technologies and the Paxton so I’ve bought out a computer based Paxton Backup token system that can also copy the tokens as well as save details of tokens, shadow cards, function cards to a database. Oh and create lost tokens from shadow cards, lost shadow cards from tokens etc…
  6. Anyone interested in a computer based Paxton Copier can contact me at www.icopyx.co.uk. Pricing is £350 and includes 5 tokens.
  7. You can buy currently from the UK distributor https://www.icopyx.co.uk but it doesn’t copy Paxton.
  8. The TDF1 was indeed the only pure, standalone Paxton copier on the market for two and a half years but this year another player entered the market so the original inventor of the TDF1 wrote a software based backup, copying, creating lost tokens from shadow cards, etc system. It’s good to have competition though. Better for the end user.
  9. Not anymore as there are a couple of other Paxton cloners out there at less than half the cost of the TDF1. your’e better off getting ahead of he game and working on Mifare Desfire or even staying with the tech and getting a cheaper auto cloner on the market.
  10. You charge what you want. It’s up to you. There is no RRP. just because it says do not copy doesn’t mean it can’t be done. I've copied loads successfully.
  11. Yes it will. however..... Some Intratone readers have anti clone technology so until the customer tests on the reader, you won’t know.
  12. Speak to Ben at Fortress speak to Ben at Fortress.
  13. The RW4 can copy a small minority of fobs but not all the ones the SCD can, I’ve not heard of an SCD packing up before, it’s the main machine on the market for the 125mhz based chips. You would then want the TDF1 machine for Paxton and ETD1 machine for the NFC chips like Noralsy, Comelit etc depending on whether they are prevalent in your area. Some places are mainly 125Mhz so it’s not worth buying the other machines, some are more ETD1 based so best do some research before shedding out cash on the machines.
  14. I’m sorry, I don’t know that. I’d speak to your supplier in the first instance.
  15. Hi, There were some Non official Smartcard Deluxe machines coming into the UK so RMX shut down the ability of upgrading the SCD over the internet and now ay upgrades must be done by Fortress Lock and Safes. The most stable Firmware version is: V2.49 Dec 20 2019 you can find this under "Function" then "Next" then "Information"
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