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  1. Do you know how much the remotes are for the machine?
  2. No. There is no issue with copying a fob that the TDF1 copier has cloned. the original and the clone are exactly the same and both the Paxton system and the TDF1 machine recognise them both as one and the same..
  3. The Paxton TDF1 can copy a copied fob as the copied fob is an exact duplicate of the original and is seen as an original by both the Paxton system and the TDF1 machine. So I am not sure what happened in your case.
  4. It won’t help anyone. those fobs are read only and can’t be used on the machine so don’t waste your money. That’s why the writable fobs are more expensive. I hope you haven’t bought any...
  5. I couldn't find it on the SKS site, do you have a link?
  6. I had built an RFID standalone Paxton Bullet fob and Card Copier, I was originally going to sell it directly to the end user but it was too unreliable as there were issues with the antenna and circuit boards which I had made. There is now a reliable but more expensive machine available through the sole distributors. Fortress Lock & Safe co. In Brixton www.fortresslock.co.uk  Really sorry about this.  Gary  doorfobs.com
  7. Is there any reason why I placed a new topic and it has been deleted? i wanted to explain what has been going on over the last eight months and it seems a moderator doesn’t think it appropriate without letting me know the reasoning.
  8. Call Fortress, Lock and Safe, they are now the supplier. Or should be next week. If they haven’t finalised next week I will be selling direct.
  9. How lovely, what a wonderful coment. if the machine isn’t financially viable for you then no problem don’t buy one. it took two years to get it to market and the first one that sold tripled its money in 5 weeks. Glen, not sure how you heard of a price as there isn’t one being offered yet. at the end of the day, there are two machines coming on the market. The paxton copier which will make money , I sell at least 100 fobs a month and the “encrypted” fob market, Comelit, Noralsy etc. Which will then, with the Smartcard Deluxe cover 96% of the current residential entry
  10. They have been built and are going through a distributor unfortunately the price point has changed somewhat so it’s all down to the Distributor who will reach out to everyone in the next couple of weeks.
  11. Of course you can, there is no reason why you can't other than no one had built a machine specifically to do it. It's like every other fob on the market just another technology.
  12. I've emailed the manufacturer for an update as they were due mid November and have now been pushed to mid December, I've asked if I can get any before and will let you know as soon as I hear.
  13. Hi Rick, When I chose to message westjr71 I can fill in the subject but the message item will not allow me to type a message, only upload a file.... very strange. if I go to PM you I can actually type a message. I think it's probably a setting.
  14. I am unable to PM you so please email me at info@doorfobs.com Regards Gary
  15. When you copy a fob it writes to the blank by formatting the blank to one of the types the machine can copy. there are some fobs that are misread and so the initial formatting is wrong. dont throw them away as that format is valid for another type of fob so just put it back in the box for next time.
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