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  1. Ok today I updated machine by USB every thing seems fine I cut a Subaru key it was smooth on the door and ignition, I think the WiFi update isn't really a way to go with
  2. Thanks Auto Key Wizard do I need to calibrate side B,C and D as well before I even touch the calibration setting I cut two Mazda3 keys by code, the key only worked on ignition not the door, the original key worked on ignition and door I knew it was original door lock cylinder
  3. Hi, I have a Futura Pro I got it two months ago I'm having some issues cutting Subaru standard keys it happened right after I did Zero-point Calibration for no reason I re-calibrated 01V clamp but again no luck I cut 3 Subaru keys today with no success. The machine cuts the keys little dipper, I never had this problem before but now I cant cut standard keys I tried all sides with same results dipper cut can some one tell me what does Zero-point Calibration do? and do I have a bad machine or I'm missing something
  4. can you list softwares you have on it please
  5. Hi If anyone has MVP Pro or T-Code for sale I'm interested to buy it