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  1. BrokenThreader

    trying my patience.

    we have never had a minimum charge for card payments and at the end of the week we definatly take more on card then cash these days. and for the record i never carry cash myself but if i am ever in a shop that does make a charge for card payments i accept it what choice do i have if there is no cash machine nearby.
  2. BrokenThreader

    Do you cut keys?

    could go one better and make it 4d and have it spit swarf in your face too
  3. we have used this company when we have been asked by customers if you order before 12 it always arrives next day https://www.gateremotes.co.uk/ although they are not the cheapest but have always been reliable
  4. the same could be said about sainsburys and tesco as i belive the big T has deals in place with these too.
  5. had a woman come in the shop today......... woman: hi do you cut keys? Me: what gave you that idea? .... Oh this (points at keyboard) No love this is just 3d wallpaper..... I got nothing, not even a smile..... tough crowd I am renaming Saturday ... Stupid question day.
  6. BrokenThreader

    Hello Cobblers.

    not too far... im in putney just down the river a bit lol.
  7. BrokenThreader

    Hello Cobblers.

    thanks to all for the warm welcome
  8. BrokenThreader

    Hello Cobblers.

    based in sauf Lundon fella
  9. hi all just found this forum been in the game about 10 years looking forward to chatting with some like minded people, I think if my mrs hears another "you should have seen the state of the shoes I did today" story she might kill me.