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  1. No interest so far on the Tibbe machine. Not even advice on a reasonable price to expect. If anyone knows of someone looking please pass the info on. Obviously a donation to the forjimmy fund upon sale. Might have to resort to eBay. To reach a bigger audience. Thanks all.
  2. Hello all, Anyone in need of a lightweight Tibbe machine? No longer need this backup Ford and Jaguar Tibbe machine. Only ever used for the normal decode and cut method, but I believe it can duplicate as well. Have a video of it running I can send to a mobile if needed. Any suggestions of a reasonable price to offer taken under advisement. Please make an offer or message me. May post or deliver depending where you are. I'm in Devon should you wish to collect or view. Thanks
  3. Hi all, I have a surplus mortice machine that I've finally decided to part with. Absolutely fantastic workhorse of a machine but extremely heavy, If your a mobile be aware.... Have been using an Orion Y2K (probably even heavier) for ages now and it's equally good so can't see me ever using the Silca again. I'll load some picccies when I can figure it out. In the meantime if anyone is interested make me an offer. Fully working and happy for you to test it out. But I'm in the South West so might not be viable. Might be able to deliver for a fee depending where you are as a couple of long trips planned. I WILL NOT COURIER. It's far to heavy and could get damaged if dropped or mistreated. Pop me a PM with any questions BTW I will be sorting through some other spare machines soon so look out for further items inc a Tibbe and Manual Laser. Possibly a Triax E Code Cheers
  4. Devon dumpling

    Stoplock key. Like Abus

    Sorry. Thought I'd done that but didn't click attach after choosing the file.
  5. Anybody found a source for blanks and the correct way to duplicate a key for a Stoplock steering wheel lock? Probably not worth the hassle for the single key they need and will have to resort to ordering from the manufacturer but thought I'd ask. Merry Xmas..
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    We have been getting some call for motorcycle work. Where do you recommend buying it from then?
  7. Hi, I did message you about the soldering iron? Did you get it. Thanks
  8. Could you give me options for 1 and all 3 ( They do get damaged easily) and advise if you would be supplying a vat receipt. Thank you.
  9. Hi. What sort of price are you after.
  10. SKS had a second hand Silca Triax E Code on a leaflet the other day at £4700
  11. Devon dumpling

    Blitz machine wanted

    Just noticed one on EBay in London. £500 If you haven't sorted one.