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  1. Westmoreland

    Famaco vs Saphir?

    If it was that good the rep wouldn't have had to say that I guess. Good do, cheers. Will prob stick to Saphir
  2. Westmoreland

    Famaco vs Saphir?

    Thankyou. Yes please do... the wax smelled ok and consistency looked similar to Saphir.
  3. Westmoreland

    My new website

    Site looks good, quite clean. Instagram is a fantastic tool for showing & promoting your work. It's so easy to connect with others in the trade around the world. I've learnt loads through that alone
  4. Has anyone had experience with the famaco creams and polishes? The rep at cutting edge was adamant all his newer customers are people switching over from using Saphir. is it better?
  5. Westmoreland


    Hi I've been repairing for ten years now and have always found the site interesting and often helpful. I run a shop in Leeds city centre for Craggs. Thought it was time I joined!