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  1. Hi, does anyone know which key blank this could be. As you can see its a snap-on tool box key. Also, does anyone know how to find the coding for them. Instacode just seems to have the 'Y' series only. All I know is that the range is 001 to 400. (the KZ could be a decoy!) Thanks
  2. Hi, Im trying to cut a key for this lock for an internet customer. All I know is that the lock is quite old. I have looked on instacode but there are too many possible matched to be sure. Any help appreciated. Thanks
  3. Hi, can anyone tell me if they know if the Instacode bitting is wrong for this West Alloy caravan key. Instacode tells me WD132 is 0,1,2,0,2 but the customer sent a photo of his key which I decoded to be 0,0,1,0,1 (see photo) Does anyone have the silca software to compair with? Another code I have found to be incorrect on Instacode is WD110. Instacode says 1,1,2,2,1 but I have had two separate customers with with keys decoding to 0,0,1,1,0 Its like their coding is one digit out. Thanks
  4. fenderfreek

    Westfalia Code? 3****

    which code range would I use?
  5. Hi, does anyone know if this Westfalia towbar code is available Instacode Its 31835. Thanks
  6. fenderfreek

    Key ID Please.

    Thanks everyone.
  7. fenderfreek

    Key ID Please.

    Hey Rick, will any of the keys you quoted be ok to use. Thanks Mark
  8. fenderfreek

    Key ID Please.

    Bloody hell. I cant believe I missed that!
  9. Hi got a key from a Burstner caravan. Almost certain its a Zadi key but not sure which one. code is 9833
  10. Hi, I am currently stamping keys manually with letter and number stamps and while its cheap, easy and quite quick I am looking at other ways of doing this to save time and to make the job look more professional. Does anyone have any ideas what would be worth looking at. I'm not wanting anything super technical or expensive just something that is quick and effective. Things I have been looking at are dot peen systems and smaller cnc engravers but I am open to any ideas you have. Has anyone got a home made system they would like to share? Any information would be gratefully received. Thanks
  11. fenderfreek

    Window Handle Locks ID Please

    Thanks MarkD For the link, it will be useful but it doesn't look as though the handle photos I posted are on this website. Thanks anyway.
  12. Hi, an internet customer has asked me for some window keys for these handles but I have not come across them before. The third picture looks like a double bitted so maybe a KWL14? Anyone any ideas?
  13. Hi, got an internet customer that has lost his towbar key. His code is 2W42 code. I cant find this on instacode but there is a W1 to W50 code with a DOM1D (JMA) key. Can anyone confirm if this is the right coding, Thanks
  14. Hi, I received a couple of photos of this lock and an internet customer wanted me to cut a key by code for him. Does anyone recognize this lock and can a key be cut from the photos. I was surprised not to see a code on the lock face. Thanks
  15. fenderfreek

    Henderson door - code required

    Thanks guys. I will get a picture to copy the cut pattern. Curious to know if the code does not exist or is unknown. I will post my findings.