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  1. Hi, anyone seen one of these before. I'm trying to find the coding for it or a key blank code. The name looks like FRIVO Its off a caravan Thanks
  2. Hi, does anyone know the key blank code for this Basta window key. Thanks
  3. fenderfreek

    Snap on Code?

    Thanks for the help guys. I was an internet customer so was just going of photos. I'll give this one a miss. Cheers
  4. fenderfreek

    Snap on Code?

    As keysolutions said its a LF2 key. The lock has obviously been taken from a desk or cabinet. From the code 31631 I get two possible cut sequences. One is ISN 6096 and the other is ISN 6102. The spacing is different. Does anyone know how you are supposed to know the difference?
  5. Hi, is anyone familiar with this Snap-on tool box code its 31631. Its not one i've seen before. No key to show you sorry.
  6. Hi, does anyone know which key blank this could be. It had been fitted to a cardale garage door. Please see photos. Thanks
  7. Hi, does anyone know which key blank this could be. As you can see its a snap-on tool box key. Also, does anyone know how to find the coding for them. Instacode just seems to have the 'Y' series only. All I know is that the range is 001 to 400. (the KZ could be a decoy!) Thanks
  8. Hi, Im trying to cut a key for this lock for an internet customer. All I know is that the lock is quite old. I have looked on instacode but there are too many possible matched to be sure. Any help appreciated. Thanks
  9. Hi, can anyone tell me if they know if the Instacode bitting is wrong for this West Alloy caravan key. Instacode tells me WD132 is 0,1,2,0,2 but the customer sent a photo of his key which I decoded to be 0,0,1,0,1 (see photo) Does anyone have the silca software to compair with? Another code I have found to be incorrect on Instacode is WD110. Instacode says 1,1,2,2,1 but I have had two separate customers with with keys decoding to 0,0,1,1,0 Its like their coding is one digit out. Thanks
  10. fenderfreek

    Westfalia Code? 3****

    which code range would I use?
  11. Hi, does anyone know if this Westfalia towbar code is available Instacode Its 31835. Thanks
  12. fenderfreek

    Key ID Please.

    Thanks everyone.
  13. fenderfreek

    Key ID Please.

    Hey Rick, will any of the keys you quoted be ok to use. Thanks Mark
  14. fenderfreek

    Key ID Please.

    Bloody hell. I cant believe I missed that!
  15. Hi got a key from a Burstner caravan. Almost certain its a Zadi key but not sure which one. code is 9833