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  1. That's brilliant!!! I thought there must be something about this on the forum. I have spent ages searching but didn't think to use the words blacking fluid in the search. Thank you so much for finding this form me. What a good memory you have.
  2. I am engraving a brass plate for a memorial bench. Can I fill the letters with black soft filler wax? If not what should I use?
  3. Chris MCW

    trophies trade

    A trip to Trophex is useful. Usually held every January at the NEC. You can find out about the exhibitors on their website. www.trophex.com. They also do a magazine you can sign up for.
  4. Thank you Rick. I will show these to my client. Your help is much appreciated. Chris.
  5. I have been asked for a mens' military hair brush suitable for engraving. I can't find a supplier. Any ideas?
  6. Chris MCW

    Trophex 2017

    It is good to hear that you did well. I will certainly try again next year. A small pull along suitcase sounds like an excellent idea. But I should warn everybody that I am quite good at tripping people up with those things.
  7. Chris MCW

    Trophex 2017

    We found it helpful. A good chance to ask the suppliers some questions. Stoped at a few stands as a direct result of reading this forum such as U-Marc and Marino. Tried to get on to the Mr Fix It pitch a couple of times but there were too many people. It took longer to get to the car park due to the Auto Sport International using the same car park and for the same reason the free busses were packed and had to wait for a second bus. On arrival at Trophex there was no queue. We were given the free parking ticket as we went in. One of the exhibitors said that there is usualy a crowd of people waiting outside at 10am so it was a bit worrying that when the doors opened there was no one there. We were able to tell him it was because we got caught in the Auto Sport traffic. I thought it was worth going to and will probably go again next year, even if my arms are 6 inches longer from carrying all those catalogues.
  8. Chris MCW

    Trophex 2017

    We are hoping to get there if the weather doesn't get too bad. I think it is going to be OK on Sunday
  9. Brilliant response. Thank you very much for taking the time to reply Andy. This is really helpful. Chris
  10. Thanks Mick, I thought that brass was too soft to use on a wall. (Please correct me if I am wrong.) My client felt that the stainless steel screws would show up too much against the slate. I had assumed that the black coating on the screws would prevent the rush. I have had a look at the Screwfix web site. In the Masonry Srews section there is DEWALT COUNTERSUNK TAPPER+ CONCRETE SCREW 6.3 X 45MM 100 PACK - “One-piece self-tapping concrete screws with corrosion-resistant perma-seal coating. Features a gimlet drill point for wood meaning that no pre-drilling is required. For use in a variety of light to medium duty applications including screen enclosures, exterior metal lighting, storm shutters and marine environments. Suitable for base materials including concrete, masonry and wood.” The colour is described as Blue. Has anyone tried these? What do they look like with slate? Do they stay rust free? I would be interested hear what experience you all have had in supplying slate signs and what advice you give your customers regarding how to fix them to walls.
  11. I have engraved my first slate door number. I went to a local specialist fixings supplier and showed him the piece of slate and asked for some suitable screws. However, my client has contacted me to say that the screws have started to rust. (photo attached) Can anyone suggest what screws I should use for outdoors?