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  1. To what extent are employees "OK" to do this? I feel like it's unprofessional and shouldn't be happening (we pay the living wage) but maybe I'm the thought police for trying to put a stop to it? Looking for opinions.
  2. brightonkeys

    Fort F43

    Is the blank definitely EU3 for the key originally pictured please at the top of this thread? It doesn't look right in the picture but maybe it's one of those where they've used a sort of standard picture online? Thanks
  3. Were in use on some old cabinets. Lowe and Fletcher can supply new locks but have a minimum charge of £50. Wondering if I can get something sorted from another brand. SKS can't help. Wondering about the forum! Thanks
  4. So nobody knows what these are?? Thanks, good shout, may well work. Don't know why I missed them... No don't think so - have tried in the past. is it? I am asking about the "wiggle" in the key. So need a more descriptive name!
  5. Numbers are B312 and B414 Any ideas? Have struggled with this key for years. Keep meaning to post about it.
  6. brightonkeys

    Brisant Ultion - Euro Doubles

    Hi Graham - nope - that's not what I see. See my screenshot! Thanks for the help, though. I gave Brisant a ring and they are sorting it.
  7. When you say can't - do you mean should not? I am presuming you are referring to how easy it would be for a burglar to break the glass and reach his hand inside?
  8. Graham - just asking you as it's the weekend - is it possible for Brisant to make up Ultion cylinders in any size? Have some IFAM X5 locks on a garden gate that will need a slightly unusual size? I can phone them on Monday if you're busy!
  9. brightonkeys

    Brisant Ultion - Euro Doubles

    I just get this when I click the link Growster posted. HOWEVER, I can merrily add any other type of Ultion lock to my basket - just not the Euro Doubles?!
  10. brightonkeys

    Key for Richard M. Lord Safe

    Thanks everyone for looking, we've passed this to a locksmith Cheers!
  11. Anyone know where on the Brisant website you'd order Euro Double Ultion cylinders? I can see where to order rim cylinders, thumb turns, 1/2 euros...everything except euro doubles. Of course on Monday I can ring them...