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  1. Hi Folks , Moved this here too see if anyone can help , I had a Kia venga , but my miracle A9 doesn't seem to cut the extra section toward the bow ( circled red ) therefore the newly cut key will not go in far enough to turn , card is 1347
  2. Hi Could someone tell me is the code on this NFOBNNSSNP have to be reversed PNSSNN or is it just NNSSNP ? Peugeot 206 2005 . Cheers
  3. Hi Cromwell I sent you a PM . Cheers
  4. Brilliant I appreciate that , as soon as I get back home I'll post it , thanks again . Adam
  5. Hi Guys I have mis-placed the barcode for the remote information on a mini 2 button key , is there any other way to program this remote without it ? Thanks in advance
  6. Hi Graham , 3D code was 7434 , instacode brings up HON58RT with cuts 13413533 , this key wouldn't even go into ignition , I put the series code into a civic with the ne77 which gave me cuts 2221122233 , this one does slide into barel but won't turn , I actually had another Honda yesterday , a 2002 model , 3D code was spot on , HON58RT .
  7. Focus66 yes , this one is the saloon version also , the ne77 blade does go into the ignition but won't turn .
  8. It was registered January 2001 so it probably has all the bit's from a 2000 model .
  9. Hello Had a lost key situation on a 2001 Honda Civic , got the keycode from 3D , InstaCode brings it up as a HON58RT , that is ok , I cut it to code but won't even go into the ignition barrel , I tried using the same code on an NE77 blade which slides straight into ignition but won't turn , 3D brings up that these two keys can be used on this car but none of them work , could someone have changed the locks and barrels at some stage in the past 16 years ?? Thanks for your help .
  10. Alphamax

    Vectra C

    Yeah tested it for a signal and it is fine 👍
  11. Hello , I programmed a key there for a vectra C there this morning , it is an aftermarket one although I have used similar on zafira b Astra H and so on , anyhow the car started ok but the remote control did not work , the guy previously lost his key and had it replaced with a genuine one with 3 buttons , but he told me his original one had 2 buttons , the 3rd button on his when pressed the indicators just flash , would I have needed a two button remote ??
  12. Brilliant , thanks , one more thing , on the ford cars I can add a key but some of these transits don't have that option ?
  13. Thanks for the quick reply So the Monedo key fob should work fine on it ?
  14. HI Folks Is it possible to do the all in one key and fob on these as opposed to the separate remote ? Thanks