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  1. Having acquired 3 filing cabinets for storage of equipment and stock, each only came with 1 key, I’d like to cut some spares. Being an Auto Locky I don’t have any ideas about trying to id these type of keys. Have attached a couple of pics, any help steering me in the right direction would be great.
  2. Their website is still working, I think the company needs to make a formal statement rather quickly to clarify the situation, rather than the very vague info on their Facebook page.
  3. That's a bargain for a Miracle A9 in nearly new condition. You'll get good backup and support from Lockdecoders as well.
  4. Good programmer, I still have mine and use it a lot, token free tool. Yes they have now stopped updates but I’ve had mine unlocked by SP to use with no annual fee now. The software system for the KeyScan now seams to be used for TDB1000.
  5. Key id help needed please. Ive got a local dealer who is wanting me to copy/cut quite a few of these keys.
  6. Also price and detail of which keydiy remotes as well ?
  7. Not the usual Kawasaki key I come across. Any idea what the key is ? Bow to tip is 30mm Shoulder to tip is 20mm
  8. Spot on, many thanks for your help, customer very happy. Also ive learnt about old FT keys now.
  9. I'm a newbie in the game, only 3 years on the auto side, still learning every day. Thanks for your help will get some ordered.
  10. Needing 2 keys urgently for a disabled customer who rides a wheelchair based 3 wheel petrol scooter. Lost keys for the side pannier where fuel filler is kept. I managed to pick the lock but now need a couple of keys for him. Code on the key I need is FT180, picture of the key attached is the key to the other lock. Any help with the key ID and fast purchase would be great. I normally only deal with Autolocksmith stuff but trying to help this guy out.
  11. If it is the ne77 blade, I took out the whole barrel assembly, used a chisel to help remove the snap off bolts. Then there is a split pin holding the inners in, it withdraws from the back.
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