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  1. CummingsLocks

    Abus yourPlus

    Are they on genuine blanks? Copy blanks are rubbish for these
  2. CummingsLocks

    chubb safe ID

    It will have a 6K206 Lips 7 lever safe lock on it, more than suitable for its purpose
  3. CummingsLocks

    Key ID

    Blank both sides, initial thought was Renz or Eurolock
  4. CummingsLocks

    Key ID

    Can they be done to code too?
  5. CummingsLocks

    ERA key

    I only use genuine blanks on ERA cylinders and still get the odd return, ha
  6. Hi Does anyone know of a suitable key blank for the following Bott key? Other than using XU9 and chopping end off? Adam
  7. CummingsLocks

    Brand of lock and keyway ??

    Global Locking Systems in Willenhall do these have had some off them before.
  8. CummingsLocks

    Retail locks!

    Sterling do a brass narrow traditional nightlatch im sure
  9. CummingsLocks

    Yale Key ID please

  10. CummingsLocks

    Locinox key blank??

    HD UL062 Cut plenty, 0% return Can also do on NS9CS but sometimes tight going in
  11. CummingsLocks

    2803 key

    Davenport ref : DT19 work good on these, have a test lock in shop
  12. CummingsLocks

    Double Bit Safe Key

    1010 Security - best price for safe products if you can get a trade account KK8DB-80
  13. Any thoughts on the below, possibly AG5 (HD) might do it?
  14. CummingsLocks

    Key id

    SILCA CS162 ? Sure we've done these before
  15. Any idea of code series for this, tried Hf75R no luck goes in but wont turn