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  1. Cut 20 for someone other week on Ninja, didnt moan at £10 a key
  2. 50% of the ones ive sold are very notchy - some keyed alike ones didnt even work out the box hadn't been tested - slowly moving away from them
  3. https://www.davenport-burgess.com/products/JMA-101G-DOUBLE-BIT-BLANKS/P130883#/#substitutions I think i have cut these on this before
  4. https://www.welovekeys.co.uk/product/meroni-laser-key/ Are any blanks available for these? Thought I saw a Silca one once
  5. Customer brought the lock in for one of these once - the key blanks were heavier than the lock
  6. Are there any card series on instacode or SKP that relate to these keys? cut on silca EU13R but have about 20 keys to cut to different codes - off toolboxes
  7. Brass key lock no. 8274 ABA key A1734 also need to cut to code A1587 if possible??
  8. Cut one last year using the flat steel clamp on the Lancer + worked ok
  9. SILCA KLE10R ?? Can anyone suggest tracer and cutter for Mustang to cut these
  10. SJ / SI D01 Cut on PG33U and works with some alterations but now customer wants 10 more Any proper blanks available? Adam
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