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  1. How much you looking at mate. I'd rather you say what you want. Cheers
  2. I have a trs5000 (not evo) for sale. It has tpx and tph boxes with it. Not sure of the value just taking up spacentre in the van so open to sensible offers. Any takers?
  3. How much you looking at? Joblot or will you split? Thanks
  4. Has the 884 cloned got any id4i Cloning with it?
  5. Cautolocks

    For sale

    Did you get my PM mate?
  6. How much would you want for your tango and orange?
  7. Hi has anyone on here had the misfortune of dealing with one of these cars? It's a tat1 key blank which I have in stock, however there is no city rover or key blank listed about them on instacode. You can't buy the key code either. I stripped out the boot lock and decoded but there was only 7 wafers. I believe there should be 8, or even possibly 10?? Either way I did manage to type my decode into my machine and that came back with a code that showed a missing 3 cut on the key tip. I cut this and the key just about turned in boot and door, although it had to be pulled out slightly to get it to bite. This key wouldn't turn in ignition at all. Any ideas from anyone else would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Jim
  8. Is this viper still for sale mate??
  9. Cautolocks

    London taxi tx4

    Cheers thanks chaps
  10. Has anyone of you good people programmed a key into a tx 4 before? From what I've looked into it my go in under a Ford or Ldv. Any ideas greatly appreciated. Thanks,
  11. Cautolocks

    For Sale Miracle A5

    I'll give you 1500 😁
  12. Cautolocks


    I'm in south london and cover Kent as well. I get alot of calls for mercs, yet I try to negatively advertise for it. Lots of clicks wasted even though I shouldn't be found!!! But along with coverage (mentioned above) adwords is just another frustration!!!!
  13. Cautolocks


    When you say look to the east, I take it you mean China?? I've checked out alot of that stuff, just not sure, I know of one person who uses alot of Chinese merc stuff and he seems to do ok with it. Just not sure about it messing up people's cars. Also buy cheap buy twice springs to mind. I don't know what to do to be honest😵😵