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    I have been working with my dad since Spring 2015 but doing the occasional day for about 2 years before that. We have a cobbler shop in Worksop since 1979 doing mainly shoe repair but also key cutting (household, car, special purpose etc), engraving, watch repairs, some leather work, sharpening I could go on.

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  1. Have tried cutting this key on HD ASEC2 blank twice now on different machines and the customer says it will go in but not turn. Do I need to use a different blank?
  2. Can anyone help me identify this key blank. Sorry for the image quality, my dad took the photos
  3. Businesses excluded from the fund You cannot get funding if: you can continue to operate during the period of restrictions because you do not depend on providing direct in-person services from your premises (for example accountants) you have chosen to close, but have not been required to close as part of national restrictions your business is in administration, insolvent or has been struck off the Companies House register you have exceeded the permitted state aid limit
  4. Still waiting for mine, also ordered on the 28th September
  5. When I tried 6 months ago to order some of the STOP dimple blanks from Northwest Hardware they refunded the money because they can no longer get the blanks
  6. Not a pre-cut but the blank https://www.davenport-burgess.com/products/B442-6-UNION-KB4286-ML-BLANK/P131100
  7. https://www.thecaravanshop.co.uk/milenco-mgi-spares/milenco-blank-keys/milenco-v-type-blank-key/prod_1396.html Found both the V and L keys on this website
  8. Well after a month in lockdown my dad is pulling what’s left of his hair out being at home all the time. Me and my better half had to scramble to find temp jobs as both our incomes vanished when our businesses closed. We are now both working in the home shopping department of our local Asda. We both got the 10k grants from the government but just making sure we aren’t leaving ourselves short. It also means we can both help out those who are in isolation as we have both been shopping for those who can’t get out to do it.
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