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    I have been working with my dad since Spring 2015 but doing the occasional day for about 2 years before that. We have a cobbler shop in Worksop since 1979 doing mainly shoe repair but also key cutting (household, car, special purpose etc), engraving, watch repairs, some leather work, sharpening I could go on.

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  1. A177 left groove Wholesale Locksmith Keymother Brass House Home Door Blank Empty Key Blanks Keys 25 pieces/lot|key finders purse hangers|keys plasticskey gate - AliExpress
  2. Anyone know if this key is restricted or if blanks are available?
  3. Milenco & MGI Spares - Milenco Blank Keys - Milenco V Type Blank Key - The Caravan Shop Milenco & MGI Spares - Milenco Blank Keys - Milenco L Type Blank Key - The Caravan Shop
  4. Thanks for that. Managed to find a SRT-3 key out of some old keys we've got in the back. Customer wanted 20 so told him to try the one we've cut first and if its fine to let us know so we can order more
  5. Anyone know the correct blank to use for this? It has kn203 stamped on it. Cheers
  6. My Dad was Gary's first customer when he first started at Davenports. He gave me a tour of Davenport HQ when I first started out with my dad and was always willing to share any knowledge with us. Always a pleasure to see him when he called in and he will definitely be missed. Thank You for everything Gats!
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