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  1. This does happen from time to time, it is probably a production issue when they have used too much crumb and not enough pure rubber. it is not unusual for rubber to go hard so you may have just got some that had been sat around for a long time.
  2. I think they will be a little more expensive than the standard black and brown. Yes you should be able to get them when you need them.
  3. The blue dainite were made exclusively for a customer but i believe they can now sell them to other customers. is it the oxford or royal blue you are looking for?
  4. We are based in Northamptonshire and supply leather to shoe and leather good manufacturers, if you need swatches or cutting just give me an idea of what you use
  5. Hi Craig, we can help with skins or bends if you need any. drop us an email sales@euroleathers.com
  6. The easiest way to get alcohol out is to use a solvent leather cleaner. the timberland leather is colour fast enough not to lose any colour. Also use a crepe brush or sponge when using a cleaner as crepe naturally absorbs.
  7. I use some of these - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeQrzhzdqcq-TcgI3IBAwIw/videos
  8. Cherry blossom dont actually manufacture aresols, they buy them in. They will be from one of he aerosol manufacturers down Reading way
  9. If you can get to the royal exchange arcade in Manchester then city cobbler will be able to do it
  10. Famaco is a much smaller producer than saphir. The creams are not as strong and leave a slight sticky residue. The wax polish is pretty much the same as saphir but it is to expensive for what it is. you can get the famaco wax polish under other brand names for cheaper
  11. You can try Euroleathers, they can usually find most things
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