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  1. It is very sad news for the industry that JR have gone as they are only 1 of a few oak bark tanners left in the world. We wish them all the best for the future and how good they were for the trade. They were a fantastic tannery and will be missed
  2. Rick, we have another catalogue i can send you with these items in it. i can send you one over
  3. Not on the site as we have just got this from a supplier who is closing. So will not be a stock item for now.
  4. Wax twins are still made, there is a company in Germany and 1 in Turkey still making them that i know of.
  5. found this for you will put it in FOC in your order!
  6. I would use a midsole cleaner and a gum rubber block! Then you can use a midsole sealer to help prevent marks going on the sole!
  7. I imagine if he was working with spirits he was working in the lasting room with the glues.
  8. completely agree! If you use the before first you just have a feed of bad looking shoes!
  9. We have some of these in stock, send us a message and we should be able to help
  10. Personally i feel if you are going to use a social media platform I would use Instagram. Twitter has fallen behind other platforms in recent times and has lost engagement and Instagram's engagement is about 10 times higher than Facebook. As Instagram is a photo sharing platform it is a great way for you to show your before and after photos of repairs and most shoes that you would repair will have an instagram and you can tag them and hopefully get them to re-share your photos (we do it when people use our leather) But ideally you want to use both in conjunction with each other but it is easier to use facebook and instagram together as they are owned by the same company! Hopefully this helps a bit
  11. there is this sole if you are still looking for a sole
  12. This does happen from time to time, it is probably a production issue when they have used too much crumb and not enough pure rubber. it is not unusual for rubber to go hard so you may have just got some that had been sat around for a long time.
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