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  1. I can't quite see from the image but are the dimples cut on a tilt please, or are they normal style dimples?
  2. Hi all, Any clue's for this one please? It's for a fire panel switch. Thought a VO-1 would do this but profile slightly out. Thanks in advance
  3. That's KBES1. KBES2 doesn't appear on the website. You will probably need to speak to their Sales dept.
  4. Sorry chaps but I really struggle with reading the codes for these despite all the tutorials that have been featured on other threads. The image is a from a customer's original Yale Platinum. I've copied it on my Mustang and all good but I like to give my customer the codes when they've lost the Yale printed card. I'm guessing that F is 1413 but can anyone help me out with D & E codes please? Thanks in advance.
  5. JMA (SKS) list these as ASS 186 and have them in stock if you were after a few
  6. Silca ASS186 should do the job. I have some if you'd like to PM me and will post out?
  7. The keys are actually being used on wooden garage and workshop doors, so could have been acquired from anywhere before the new owner took them on. I advised the customer may want to consider a security update. I ran off an old RST 6B I had kicking around just to try. Thanks for your help chaps
  8. I could only make out 28155 Graham. The customer had 2 different keys this one more legible 178969. Thanks for looking into this for me
  9. Hi all, I'm having problems identifying this Yale key. I thought a 1A would bypass it given how old the lock is, but won't go in. Any ideas apart from supplying a new cylinder please?
  10. I find that JMA CI-15D often acts as a bypass key for Cisa GD sections
  11. Hi all, Just went on line to check out a key cross reference and I see IKS (Independent Key Supplies) website has been relaunched. Going down the rabbit hole further I discover that the contact address is none other than 26 Clothier Road, home of T.Colledge & Son. "Nothing wrong with that" I hear you say, Colledges have obviously made an acquisition, fair enough! Delving deeper I find that pricing of keys and accessories are very, VERY close to trade prices, so in theory Mr Joe Public can buy a couple of blanks from the website and present to a shop (that will) cut the blank for them. Similarly, a card of lanyards etc can be purchased at OUR prices.... I could go on but I think you get the drift! The whole notion of wholesalers retailing is a murky world and to many shop owners it is a line crossed. The historic ethos of Independent Keys was to supply shops that cut keys whilst offering a unique personal service. If supplying an end user, an appropriate charging structure would be used. There doesn't seem to be any 'trade only' requirement to use this website which concerns me deeply! Rant over, but please tell me if I'm missing something here!
  12. Aldridges part no. AS11689. Their website image shows the opposite hand but when I ordered them the key you pictured was sent to me.
  13. If not YU-1D, maybe worth checking JMA AX-1D.P. May have to reduce length though!
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