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  1. Party Marmalade

    Electric bike lock key id ?

    You may be able to use JMA YW-1p. If there's a cowling around the lock the head may obstruct though
  2. Party Marmalade

    Brexit and Shoe Repairs

    As it turns out my keys wholesaler Andy AKS has started bringing in certain shoe repair stuff from Belgium. Colemans I think he said. I went there for an open day once. Very impressive. Seems to be ok price and quality defo there. Last time he was in he sold me some Palc shoe shine which I hadnt seen for a few years. Used to be a big seller for me. Brave move from him but kind of get it as he tells me that over half his customers are shoe repairers. If Andy plays it right and he gets new customers for shoe stuff he can start selling them keys as well. If its anything like the service he gives me on the key cutting side from his van then he may do ok
  3. Party Marmalade

    Key I D

    SKS code KWL77
  4. Party Marmalade

    More patent keys

    SKS code is UN KB112A
  5. Party Marmalade

    Mitsubishi Canopy Key. 2016

    Thanks very much. I'll give it a go
  6. Party Marmalade

    Mitsubishi Canopy Key. 2016

    Was there any clue on this one? I had one come in to me exactly the same for a Mitsubishi canopy lock yesterday. Longer than VO-1 and opposite hand
  7. Party Marmalade

    Titan key

    There's another one too. Silca TN42. Only seen a picture on the Birch site so not 100% that's what you need though.
  8. Party Marmalade

    Titan key

    Silca TN20 looks close
  9. Party Marmalade

    KEY I.D. Please

    Try Eurolock EU-2 (JMA)
  10. Party Marmalade

    Time taken to complete a card transaction.

    Agree Square card reader brilliant.
  11. Is that the same as JMA TP00FO-15D.P blank ?
  12. Party Marmalade

    Window key ID assistance please

    SKS do them KWL77
  13. Party Marmalade

    Key id please

    Lockwood LWO-2D (JMA)
  14. Party Marmalade

    Lusterful chinese cabinet keys

    Bit late now but JMA LF-35 might also be worth a look