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  1. Morning everyone all i know is this is a little safe key never seen one any help please thanks in advance
  2. Thank everyone just so you all know Schlage JMA SLG-3 worked fine, thanks for the help
  3. Morning everyone any ideas please thanks in advance
  4. Any ideas please thanks in advance
  5. can i ask which wholesaler you use for reading glasses
  6. Would be good for people to share their plans we all need to help each other if possible
  7. me too Aldridge 15% off a big order and 27.5 % off Davenport big order (but you have to pay the invoice to get that percentage today )
  8. Same hear after i diversified into the locksmith side and selling locks etc etc in the shop my whole business has changed, not really interested in shoe repairs but will keep it going for a while longer
  9. For the money is it worth buying? See you only can do 48 free for a year?
  10. Do we know which wholesalers are doing discounts this Friday ?
  11. Has anyone got one of these and thoughts on this please
  12. just asking Graham This GJ Locks pick to suit Brisant Ultion and `D` section cylinders features a unique removable clicker which allows users to quickly locate the pick above each pin. If desired, the tool can be withdrawn at any time to enable a plug spinner to be used. Supplied in a sturdy protective case, this pick includes one blade and a tool kit to allow for user adjustments to be made. It now comes with new U12 blade to overcome the newer profile locks with added anti pick pin.
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