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  1. CDTL

    Paxton Bullet Fob Copier

    Very interested could you pm me with price and info please
  2. CDTL

    New product range.

    totally agree only a small cash generator but what i have found is that whatever i have introduced in the shop always sells as long as it is a good product and package well . i really like this one ?
  3. CDTL

    New product range.

    i had the same problem but got there in the end the products they sell are good quality this is the guy i spoke too Kai Manyeh (0)161 745 2210
  4. CDTL

    New product range.

    Cowers lane 583 done some research i too do not want to repair but selling the chargers etc seem nice profit found this company let me know what you think
  5. CDTL

    New product range.

    Great idea made me think about doing the same thanks for posting and as you say if anyone knows of good quality suppliers then please let us know
  6. Hi everyone anyone i think it is a universal but not had one in until now any ideas please
  7. CDTL

    Quiet today

    At anytime of the year when it goes quiet we all have the same problem staying positive and remembering we are not alone, but when it does go quiet we have to stay even stronger with our price, you do a job cheap for those customers who want everything for nothing then the next minute they have told all there friends, say no more
  8. CDTL

    Quiet today

    Always tough this time of year
  9. I brought a Tormek T8 a few months ago from www.axminster.co.uk I phoned them first and said I would like a demo they spent best part a hour with me . And after the demo i new it was easy and a profitable business, since then I have sharpened well over a 150 knives and starting to get a few tools in too i.e. Chisels, Axes etc etc . hope this helps
  10. Welcome and good luck in your exam
  11. Genuine blanks cheap enough for Aldridge
  12. Can anyone tell me where i might be able to buy these from please .thanks in advance
  13. Winkhaus blank British Standard but 6 pin any ideas where i can get these please. Thanks in advance