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  1. HI everyone does anyone know if i can get these please, thanks in advance
  2. Machine went to a new home and is being used again, so very happy as are the new owners, no money changed hands
  3. Hi can anyone cut these or tell me where I can buy the blanks from thanks in advance
  4. Thank you finally someone gets it why o why do people think it’s ok to put the dampers on a genuine post
  5. I believe that no offence was intended but I told everyone that over the years Si-Sevre had looked after it and it works perfectly with new dust bag new running wheels at the top new brushes etc thanks to them. As some who has looked after my Machine and with the Standard label on the side of the machine I had no idea that Standard did no longer support this machine, I thought it was important to tell everyone what make it was and that more importantly it’s single phase plus if they did have any problems then Si-Serve will sort it out. This forum was set up by a shoe repairer for shoe repairers to help each other that’s all I was trying to do.
  6. Hi all the patcher has gone free of charge all shoe repair stock has gone free of charge with all my tools, just the machine to go if no one wants it by the close of Christmas eve I will scrap it. Really did want to help people and as for the comment about just for the record the machine was only a machine supplied by Standard, not built by us, it is a GP130 from Italy. Really who cares you seemed to completely missed the point i am giving a very good machine away for free to help someone it's not a second hand car with a bad engine
  7. Hi everyone Patcher has gone to help a fellow Shoe repairer hope it makes them a good living just machine left
  8. Hi everyone I have made the bid decision not to do shoe repairs anymore as my locksmith side is now taking over my business. If anyone knows of anyone who is thinking of starting a new business and needs machines i have a Standard GP combi single fhase in really good condition and works fantastic thanks to si serve looking after it over the years and a patcher also perfect working order. I want nothing for them after this year I realise there is more to life than money so if I can help someone get a good start in fitted out their new shop then great. To get the stuff out is not to bad but they will have to help me get the counter out and refit it with me. This is a genuine offer
  9. Morning everyone customer brought this electrical bike battery pack lost the key anyone know if we can get please thanks in advance
  10. Just to say a big thank you to Matt who did a complete overall on my Mastergrave Universal a couples of months ago, Top Job fantastic service as always
  11. this forum will always help you like it helps everyone some really top people on hear
  12. Morning everyone can you tell me where i can get a half euro cylinder with the hole for fixing the cylinder is in the back of the lock (not the side) thanks in advance
  13. Matt is a top Man and has always gone the extra mile to help me so happy he is in business all the very best Matt and Sarah
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