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  1. CDTL

    ultion blanks

    can i ask what people are charging to cut the WXM please ?
  2. Trying to sell my Computerised Engraver that tells you everything i think about Trophies, only good money is perpetual Engraving enjoy doing that
  3. Afternoon all, does anyone do engraved house signs or know of a company that does them. thanks
  4. CDTL

    Brisant Key

    no but you have to be a registered company with Brisant than you can buy the blanks
  5. CDTL

    Phone covers

    Phone chargers sounds a good idea can i ask where you buy them from please
  6. would love one but would you buy second hand Graham ?
  7. CDTL

    Coming soon

    have not worked around our area but as Graham says you have to win over the customer again because of the crap they have told
  8. Hate to say but silca 299 on eBay have a look
  9. Fantastic story well done to your son and congratulations on 30 years
  10. bad business they need to think about there customers first
  11. Ok I am taking a risk now but i have just had my rep round who has been in the business for as long as i have and more, but when I talk to him about how things are in the shoe repair industry his reply is very down beat and almost depressing, I have taken the plunge and gone into other things within the industry which is now starting to pay off thanks to listening too people on this forum, but my question is do we really think shoe repairing will ever come back or should we be strong and say goodbye .
  12. does it make a difference to turn over once you got a card machine in i am still on the fence because i have cash machines just a 2 minute walk away. but as my outside work is getting bigger all the time maybe i need to do it opinions please
  13. love it when friends come in with a Timpsons key to be cut, and they say always come to you mate , i say i know buddy special price for put the key up by 2 pounds then deduct the 2 pounds from my normal price job done
  14. if i relied on shoe repairs i would have been gone a long time ago, most of the stuff now is not worth repairing, best thing i done was go into more related products inline with key cutting i.e locks padlocks etc