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  1. I really hope you’re right but nothing is a given at this very difficult time
  2. Well done would love to have someone like you to work for me, Timpsons are very lucky to have you but I feel they will not keep you for long. Keep you videos coming top work
  3. Fantastic well done great job and video, hope some day you can open up your own shop you have a real talent
  4. I would loved to have got into car key remotes, but reading posts on hear made me realise I have missed the boat and more importantly no knowledge and not the time to learn. I also think it is a money pit and the members who are experts have spent large amounts of money, hope this helps but just my opinion
  5. Nice touch Lee would be nice if we can stay in touch and talk about our experiences of how things are panning out good or bad in order so we can support each other
  6. Not being funny but just change the handle not worth the hassle
  7. Good morning everyone could you help with with one i would need to order for the electric release on aluminium doors please thanks in advance
  8. hi everyone been to a job and has the old yale mortice deadlock on it Green case 35mm back set what can i use to replace without doing more work to the door please, thanks in advance
  9. Hi Everyone any ideas on which blank will do this one please, thanks in advance
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