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  1. Drop me an email mate I can sort them for you. anthony@apllocksmiths.co.uk
  2. They are expanding the range to include a 1 star with a ‘normal’ cylinder key in addition to and not instead of anything they already do. Already had the details of them and they look pretty good so I will be stocking them.
  3. Picture above of an external track hu101 is as I said. Internal track hu101 on the latest fords it doesn’t apply to but that’s not pictured here.
  4. Could be read with a better picture as already said. Also last cut is always a 2 and there is only 5 possible combinations of the last last three cuts as follows 132 28% of locks 532 22% 312 20% 232 16% 422 14%
  5. Same here mate. Never had any problems at all and service and pricing has always been spot on. We buy a lot of cylinders and last count I had about 800 blanks I could order and have a couple of hundred in stock already.
  6. Brisant have certainly ruffled a few feathers with restricting the blanks. They told me that initially they were going to try it for 6 months then review it but who knows. Simes if you need any cutting email my shop and we can do them and post them out for you as we have plenty of blanks shop@apllocksmiths.co.uk
  7. I did lost keys on one of these today. Any decent locksmith can cut these to code no problem
  8. No problem mate. If you want the originals let me know as I can possibly get hold of them for you.
  9. HU162 blade and you can swap them for the hu66 in the mqb case. It doesn’t come with a groove down the side it has side cuts
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