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  1. Might have cut a few more since this post went up in 2015!!!
  2. Thanks guys. We’ve been supplying them for a while but always ordered them from John Richards in large quantities but this particular order is for about 40 keys to code that we can cut and just this one AB series that we can’t which is a bit annoying. We’ve got instacode live but only for auto! Maybe it’s cut under another series bit I’m not sure.
  3. Thanks anyway. It’s the latest L&F series so only on the latest instacode
  4. Has anyone got a more upto date instacode that could give me the cuts for a Lowe and fletcher key AB544 please thanks in advance
  5. Anybody got a good source of the JMD king chips. Usually buy a hundred at a time and now getting low. Used Trade locks last time but now they haven’t got any
  6. Best thing is ring aldridge and press option 3. Give them the plan number which will start with EA if EPS (ends with EA if DPS) and they will tell you who they are registered to or if not registered you can order off them. For ASSA keys I ring ASSA direct on ‭020 8688 5191‬ and give them the plan number and they tell you instantly who it’s registerd to. Sometimes it’s easier to make a quick call and give the customer the details. Only takes a minute but the customer normally remembers when you’ve helped them out for free and returns in the future.
  7. We had one exactly the same today just on one side though. First one mind and we’ve sold plenty.
  8. F31 is one of mine anthony@apllocksmiths.co.uk should normally have our name and number on!
  9. I’ve got a virtually brand new AD100 with some software on it if your interested. It’s not used as we have another AD100 and 2 MVP Pro’s that we use. If your interested give me a call or text 07712 65 75 85 cheers Tony
  10. Would anybody have the depths and silca card number for two silverline Keys we need please. There not coming up on InstaCode It’s the wesko Toronto series P2161 and P2238 Thanks
  11. Aldridge do Kevron ones but think they only come in tubs of mixed colours but can't remember exactly.
  12. Thanks mate. It is mainly the Hondas in wanting it for as I have a fully loaded genuine avdi, AD100, MVP, Truecode etc etc so got good coverage already. Will have a look about today. Thanks again Tony
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