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  1. HU162 blade and you can swap them for the hu66 in the mqb case. It doesn’t come with a groove down the side it has side cuts
  2. I have a couple that aren’t being used as I have upgraded them. Haven’t a clue what there worth though. I’ll have a look and let you know.
  3. We’re l4v agents and can do them to trade. Message me and I can cut them and post them out to you.
  4. Done by video call with Matt mate as I couldn’t be arsed driving all the way down there.
  5. Not yet mate and yes probably will do as we cut a lot of Eps keys regularly so will be very handy
  6. Had a demo of this today with Matt. Very impressive machine and will be replacing my 399
  7. I have one I might part with. I bought a job lot of gear earlier this year and one was included. It has NTC1 RTC1 and RTC2 but is the old unsupported lead so would need upgrading. If your interested send me an email anthony@apllocksmiths.co.uk cheers
  8. Hi Graham. Good to see your busy. Can you let me know on the triax when your ready to get rid. Cheers.
  9. Yep!! We have boxes of aerosol sanitiser that’s sprayed every time a customer is in and out. Everything that could be a source is sprayed.
  10. I’m open. Screens all round the counter area. Access control on the door and 1 in 1 out policy. As many signs up as possible and procedures in place for both staff and customers.
  11. I’ve bought a station gloves mask hand gel and aerosol sanitiser sprays from the site supply company in Stockport as local to me. They have good stocks reasonably priced and deliver next day if anybody’s stuck give them a google
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